Exchange/Return policy in SAKS for Chanel?

  1. Hi guys,
    I did a search before posting this thread but could not find an appropriate answer so forgive me if I have my eyes in my 'backside' :shame: and it has been asked already. I am thinking of making a Chanel purchase at a Saks out of state. Since it will be sight unseen could someone please tell me what their return policy is regarding Chanel purchases just in case I have to do that. Is it different from their usual policy? Is the Chanel section a separate entity? Thank you in advance.
  2. No different than usual policy. That's the benefit of buying from dept stores.
  3. yup, even LV in Saks have 60 days return/exchange policy vs the 14 days in LV store :smile:
  4. Cool! That's a relief, I thought maybe it was just my luck there was some horrific antiquated policy awaiting me. Thanks elongreach&classic chic for providing me some relief!:smile:
  5. Anytime girlie!
  6. Hi, I recently ordered a coral lambskin east west bag from Saks 5th Ave before the feb 1st price hike and had it shipped to me internationally in asia. However when it arrived, i realised that it has a small pen mark at the edge. :crybaby: Since I will going to New York on holiday at the end of the month, I was wondering whether I should just bring the bag along with me for an exchange/return. However...could someone please tell me ...

    what is the time limit for an exchange?
    whether you think I can get another east west bag without paying extra because of the hike?
    whether i should just get it cleaned and keep it?
    or any other advice?

    Thanks so much!! :heart:
  7. Saks NYC has a great 60-day return/exchange policy, as long as it's brand new & all tags attached. But if there is a problem or defect with the bag, such as you mentioned, I'm pretty sure they'll be even more accomodating (refunding you, getting you an exchange, or offering to fix it for free). In terms of exchanging it for another East-West at the same (lower) price as pre-price-hike, I think it's possible they'll allow it -- could depend on the SA though. Ask for JOSEPH when you're there -- he's THE BEST!...always takes care of me and finds me the pieces that seem impossible to find. I suggest that you give Saks NYC Chanel a call a few days before you arrive -- ask them if they have another one of that coral East-West in stock (they might or might not), and if not, ask if they can do a store search & transfer one in from another store. Again, ask for Joseph.....he'll take care of you.
  8. You should definately call your SA immediately to let them know there's defect. I have no problem with SAKS at all, but in Neiman Marcus, I tried to return the bag where it was not clean when I received it, and they would accuse me of using it beforehand. But luckily I had called my SA before and she knew that it was a defect.

    Good luck anyhow !
  9. 1. You should call the store that sent the bag to you immediately and tell them what happened. You can mail the bag back to Saks. You will not be reimbursed for shipping both ways, though.

    2. Bring the bag with you when you are NYC.Saks has 60 day return policy. After 60 day, you get either sale price or merchandise credit.
  10. there is a coral medium size lambskin classic flap with vertical stitching running through from its top to bottom, like stripes, that make it look quilted without the cross-over stitch that would "complete" the diamond in the quilt pattern, its at Saks in Boca (561) 417-6161 they have it in small too
    maybe this will help you if you want a new one?
  11. especially for purchases made on the egc event...if i no longer have the gift card, will i have to pay the $150?
    sorry, i've also posted this on the deal/steals board, but not really sure if that is the proper place...tia.
  12. I would call Saks and ask.
  13. Usually, they want the gift card back. It's up to the SA who does the return. Some ask about it, some don't.
  14. The back of your receipt gets stamped and then filled out, plus they also keep the numbers on file somewhere. So if you return something they will most likely notice that a gift card was issued. If you don't have the gift card, I guess they could demand the value of the gift card back?
    Please post and let us know what happens as I'm curious too.
  15. Hello Ladies,

    Just have a question:

    On the receipt, for saks it states 60 days. I bought a in demand and hard to find bag in april, but I didn't use it. And I really don't like it. Do you think its too long for a refund?

    Also, I sorta talk to me SA, but not enough to be "friends". I really want to buy a j12 from him, do you think he will take it back since he'll get compensation from the watch?