Exchange/Return policy in Neiman Marcus for Chanel?

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  1. Ok ladies, I need some help. I purchased my very 1st Chanel bag a couple months ago from NM. But I really wish I had gotten it in caviar instead of goatskin. I'm SO dissappointed w/ how it's holding up, & I've only used it a few times! I appologize if there has been a similar thread (I couldn't find an answer in any other thread)...but has anyone been able to return a bag they've used a few times to Neiman's? I don't even want to return, I'd rather exhange for a different Chanel. I want to be in love w/ my 1st Chanel, not regretting my purchase. :sad: TIA!!
  2. I know they would take it back if there was something wrong with it but I am not sure if they will take it back because you are not happy with it. I think if you told them you aren't happy with the quality and how it is holding up they might exchange it. I suggest trying it and if they don't want to take it back you can always try to resell it and with the money you get back buy what you want.
  3. if you've got the receipt and or tag w/the NM sticker on it. You'll be OK returning it. I returned a Mulberry I carried once - it was too cumbersome for me. They took it back with no problems
  4. NM will take it back provided you have the receipt - I returned a balenciaga whistle bag after a month because the handle leather started to split.

    I got a full refund to my NM cc.

    NM's return policy is very open-ended - they only require you to have the receipt and in most cases the tags too.
  5. If you've worn it. I assume the tags are off. Try eBay.
  6. Thanks DC-Cutie & Loganz!

    gloss_gal: The tags are off, but I still have them, & the receipt. I'm worried.
  7. Since you already used this bag, I honestly don't think it's fair to return it to the store (unless the bag is defective). You should re-sell it and use the money to fund another Chanel bag. Good luck.
  8. Please don't think I am trying to "cheat" NM or anything, or return it simply b/c I dislike it now. I honestly am unsatisfied w/ how the leather is holding up.

  9. Becky - I too was unhappy with how my Whistle bag was holding up and I had only used it a handful of times ( I work from home so I really didn't take it out of the house more than 4 times). I think that if you spend more than $1k on a bag you should be assured the leather holds up for more than a few months. Neimans has a liberal return policy for situations like ours; don't feel bad on exchanging it - you should get a quality bag that you will be happy with.
  10. what happens to the leather?? peeling off? scratches? i don't have a goatskin bag so I'd like to know how that leather's holding up.
  11. Thanks Loganz! ;)
  12. I consider myself to be very careful w/ my bags. But I've noticed little scratches show up & creases on the corners.
  13. ^that's going to happen to any bag w/ soft leather IMO. . .
    you can try, but I'd guess they wouldn't take it back since it doesn't sound like a defect.
  14. as a former NM SA - don't feel the least bit bad about retuning it. NM stands behind their name, quality of products sold and good customer service.
  15. Is it the goatskin luxury bowler? If so, I wasn't happy with the leather either after only one week and returned it to Saks without issue.

    NM is extremely liberal in their return policy so no worries about that.