Exchange/Return policy in Chanel Boutiques?

  1. without a receipt? I have a brand new wallet with all tags/cards etc. It's black but I wish I could change for a new color....
  2. They can always look it up in the computer. It also helps if you have a regular "sa" who will recognize you.
  3. my sa at Neimans always will, if its an exchange, she wont even look it up
  4. my Chanel won't unless there's record of it being purchased in the computer.
    My NM will if it has NM tags.
  5. Could anyone tell me what's the return policy at Chanel Boutique? I usually buy bags from my favorite SA at NM, but NM didn't buy particular bag I I have to venture into boutique. I have never seen the color in person, so I don't really want to buy it if they don't accept any return.

    TIA for your help~~:flowers:
  6. You have 14 days to return for full refund as long as the bag is as new condition.
  7. Thank you~~~ That's great, I thought they only honor store credit!
  8. As some of you might remember I bought a Large classic flap from HK on 10th Nov ( last month), but I am having second thought on the size. I think I would prefer a jumbo as the large is too small to fit in all my belongings. Anyone HK PF'er knows if I can still bring the bag into the chanel store for exchange? I'm planning to go HK again around x'mas time. Thanks for your help!
  9. I don't know specifically, but maybe they will let you do an exchange. I'm pretty sure you couldn't get a refund, though. Maybe try calling that boutique and see what they say.
  10. Thanks Tammy, I'll call and find out.
  11. Hi, with regard to exchange, i got the wrong size last night, and will be heading to the boutique in 5 hours. My dilemma though is, I am pretty sure the Toronto boutiques are out of stock on some Classic Flaps' sizes, and I'm a bit concerned if I would be able to get the 10"-width one (medium/large I believe) today, or in the future. Having a "no refund" policy, would I be able to exchange this small bag to the proper size I had intended to get, if they don't have any in stock at the moment? Would they be able to get it from Paris or anywhere at all, coz the SA said they're really low right now, here in Canada at least. Thanks in advance for any of your input, very much appreciated.:yes:
  12. has any of you ladies ever been able to return a bag to the boutique even though its beyond the 14 day return? are they really strict about it?

    i know that at louis vuitton it can be overlooked depending on the manager, but how about chanel? do you have the option of taking store credit if you aren't able to return the item because its beyond 14 days?
  13. Where are you? Over here I think its 60 days, or at least I know it was at one point. I haven't had to return anything at chanel in a while.
  14. it's 14 days in the chanel botique in USA, 60 days in Neimans and Saks (although their 60 days is very very flexible). I would ask the SA who sold you the bag first place and if she/he says no, I would speak with the manager and just explain your circumstances or what-not. It shouldn't be too big of a deal.
  15. mine is 14 days at the south coast plaza in calif