Exchange/Refund policy for sale bags?

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  1. Anyone know what the policy is for returning a sale bag?
    Do you have the regular 28 days or is it less?
    Do you get a refund or just a voucher?
    These questions apply to buying from the website, not from stores.

    I'm asking cause I just ordered a Jaquetta in oak from the website :nuts:, but am still somewhat on the fence about it....go figure...I'm such an indecisive buyer :rolleyes:...!!!!
    So if I don't like it and decide to send it back would Mulberry refund me the money?

    Thanks for your input!
  2. Yes it is 28 days and you will get a refund. At least that was what it said on their webpage. That should apply to salebags also.
  3. I think its the same as non-sale products. Its 28 days and I THINK you get a refund.
  4. yes a full refund and 4 weeks on and 5 emails...I'm still waiting for mine (for a pair of boots)
  5. That's what I thought, but when I asked in the store they said it's just store credit/voucher (if I'm remembering correctly), it may be different when ordering from the website.
    Hope so, as I hate having credit notes/vouchers.
  6. Oh no, that's not good. Hope you'll get it worked out soon.
  7. As it's distance selling on the website you are entitled to a full refund as you are buying goods that you haven't seen before buying.
  8. ^^^Yep, you can definitely return sale goods (for a full refund) when bought via the website for those very reasons :tup: Just be aware though that you have to pay for return delivery. If you send via Royal Mail you will really need to use Special Delivery too, to make sure that the bag is insured. Can be very expensive to return, as I found out to my cost a couple of summers ago when I ordered a vanilla Annie and Oak Alana :shame: Whoops.
  9. Ah, good to know. Thanks for everybody's input!
    Just got an email saying my order needs "additional security verification by our customer services team"...
    Anyone knows what that means? Is that normal?
    I used to have problems with my address and ordering from Mulberry last year as I lived on campus and the dorm address was not in their address finder system...sure hoping that's not happening again as I have a 'regular' address now....
    Should know more by tomorrow I guess...
  10. I *think* it might be standard procedure if this is the first time you've ordered from the website. Hopefully one of the others can confirm?
  11. Hi Kat4 - I got the additional security verification too. I think in my case it was because I live in Australia and they had to check, presumably with my bank, to shield themselves against credit card fraud. For these reasons and others, my order took 11 days to reach me.
  12. Thanks for all your replies, and esp. ClaireL.
    That put my mind a little more at ease.
    I did use a non-UK credit card with my UK address on it...maybe that's what threw a wrench in the system and required the additional verification with my bank....