Exchange rates are doing my head in!

  1. The drop in the USD has so affected me - good if I want to purchase now but BADDDDDDDD if i am waiting a refund.

    Bought a pair of TODs shoes on eBay... received them, however they were seconds and not originals so buyer agreed to accept the return and refund the total plus original shipping.

    I paid $45 AUD to send the shoes back and now with the drop in exchange rate, and with the cost of return shipping I am out of pocket $70 AUD! So unfair when the fault was not mine - but what can you do!!

    Other affected by exchange rate issues at the moment with any purchases - eBay or not? ;)
  2. i'm also in the same ship with you.
    it's great to bu but hard to sell becaus ethe exchange rate!

    in ur case, i would say keep it