exchange questions - buying from paris

  1. Hi everyone,

    i have a question and i hope you guys can help me out....
    if i were to buy a bag from paris and decide that i do not like it anymore and get it changed at the louis vuitton store in usa, how will they charge me?
    for eg, i buy a speedy from paris at 500 usd which is originally retailing at 700 usd in usa so now, i decide to exchange the speedy for a lockit which costs 900.
    will they require me to top up 400 usd or 200 usd?
  2. Good question... I hope that they only make you pay the $200 difference, but have a feeling they might make you pay the $400 difference. :push:
  3. eeewww..... i guess so... thanks for answering my question =)
  4. Hmmmm.......very good question, but I have no answer for you :shame:. Let us know how it work out.
  5. that is if i ever find out....:girlsigh:
    i am thinking of getting a fren to get a bag from me as she is going to frankfurt and since she will be going on 3rd nov... i thought that i could prob ask her to get the tivoli for me but i am a little concerned about the size of the pm ( what if its too small? )
    thus the question....

    if i ever do find out, i will let you guys know :smile:
  6. Try calling 800 vuitton and asking, they should have an answer for you hopefully.
  7. I have never done that but I would think you should be credited in whatever currency the purse was bought (euros). Otherwise, people would be buying and returning from all different countries and profiting from any price differential.