exchange question...

  1. ok question, i bought a purse a while back but still have not yet worn it, it's raining here :crybaby: ok so, would lv let me exchange it for another bag? i just saw the riveting and i am in love. so do you think they would let me?i believe i bought it nov28th. has anyone else done this? let me know what you think

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  2. So you brought the bag nearly 3 months, I don't think you can exchange it for another bag after that long.
  3. You miss your 30 exchange. I don't think they will accept a exchange after so much time has past.
  4. No, you keep it for too long~

    ([​IMG]I just found out this icon is for reporting scam...:sweatdrop:)
  5. the LV boutique return policy is 14 days, if you purchase from NM or Saks, they might give you longer than 14 days (60 @ Saks ^^) depending on SA.
  6. :sweatdrop: nope sorry!