Exchange or Not? Help - a slight imperfection on my new Classic Medium Flap bag

  1. Dear Chanel ladies,
    Last weekend, I bought another new Classic M. black caviar flap bag. Brought it home, and took a close look of it next day. The bag overall looks so nice and pretty. However, I saw a slight imperfection inside of the bag. There is a slight leather split on the right inside top edge of the bag where close to the stitches of the burgundy leather. It is very hard to see. It can be easily overlooked. It seems minor, however in the long term, I'm kind of concern it might split more while open, close the flap and bend the bag..etc.. What do you think? Should I exchange? Or should I just keep it? I called my sales lady, and she is requesting a new one to replace my bag. I am very happy with her action.:smile: It might take another month to get the new bag for the replacement, but sooner might be another 2 to 3 weeks according to my sales lady. My sales lady is very nice and helpful. I post the thread here to get some advices from you ladies, and check if any of you have the same issue on your new bag. Also hope I'm not over reacted. Thank you!
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  2. If I were you, I would wait for a replacement. What's the point that spending $4k+ and not getting a perfect ones!
  3. Dear classic77, Thank you. You have a great point. I did spend close to $4,800 include tax.
  4. To me it looks so minor that I would probably keep it, since I would hate to wait for the replacement. Something as minor as this would not bother me, however, if you are a perfectionist and know that this will bother you then you should certainly have it replaced. Either way, your bag is a timeless classic. Enjoy her in good health!
  5. I think you're wise to think about getting a replacement. The bag is brand new and should be in brand new condition, especially at almost 5k. You're right in that the split in the leather may get larger. It's a small defect, but it's still a defect. Good eye in catching it and it's great that your SA is being very helpful about it.
  6. Dear Olgita, Thank you. I don't like to wait either, but cannot stop thinking of the slight imperfection. Hope the new replacement will be better.
  7. Dear Bentley1, Thank you for the great point. I'm kind of picky with my handbags, so like to have and keep them in the perfect condition. Just hope that I can get the new replacement sooner, and in perfect condition!
  8. I would wait. The imperfection is not noticeable, but it's not an inexpensive bag and your SA has already sprint into action.
  9. Dear poohbag, Thank you for the advice. You're right, the bag is not cheap. I will wait for the new replacement for sure. :smile:
  10. Dear lovelvburberry, if you can not stop thinking about this imperfection then I think you should absolutely hold out for the replacement. You pay so much money for a bag to make your life more pleasurable not to bring yourself more stress and worry about the quality of the bag. I hope your replacement will arrive sooner rather than later. :cool:
  11. Dear Olgita, Thank you so much for your support and great advice. I'm glad that I posted this thread here because I finally could make a certain decision to go for a replacement, instead of swing my mind between keep or replacement. Now I just need to wait for the new replacement to come, and hope it will be a perfect one.:smile:
  12. I would get a replacement bag.
  13. I would wait for the replacement as well. $5000 money to spend and not be 100% satisfied with your purchase. And if you're sales associate has no problem getting you a replacement, I would go for it! You will be happier in the long run. It is worth the wait. :smile:
  14. You paid a lot of money for this bag, it should be perfect. Even though the defect is small, it would bother me too. Hope you don't have to wait to long for a replacement.
  15. Dear ladies, Thank you for all of your great advices. To exchange a new bag is a final decision for me now. For sure, it will make me feel more happier. I purchased this Classic Timeless M/L flap bag from NM, so exchange and return will be fine. Only the wait time to get the new bag for the replacement is kind of long. Hope it won't let me wait for too long.:smile: