exchange or keep?


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
I have the embossed flap in tabacco, and I'm wondering, if I have the fold over striped wristlet and the embossed wristlet in tabacco as well, should I keep the flap or exchange it for the hearts key chain and the suede beaded wristlet in hazel? Any opinion is appreciated. TIA!:heart:
i prefer the embossed flap in tobacco over the hazel suede wristlet.

i have the bordeaux color embossed flap and it's the best! i get compliments all the time and i know i've tried (unsuccessfully) to order it for customers b/c it's sold out :smile:

the suede would be harder to upkeep too

however, you have to pick the one you love best since you're using it!
Maybe I'm not in love with either, I think I just feel funny because I have both the large and the small in the embossed, so I'm thinking maybe one will have to go to make me feel better.