Exchange options?


May 9, 2008
Got a Canvas Cassie 19 during Mother's day sale with a good price. Love the size as kindle oasis fits nicely inside. However it came in scratches and a crescent shape crease (as if something heavy was sitting on top of it). When the store open I suppose I can:

1) exchange for the same bag - but is it common for the smooth leather be like this? if so maybe too delicate for my style...
2) exchange for same bag but different colour - maybe the light taupe hides scratches better?
3) exchange for pebbled leather version - but I have to pay extra as it is no longer on sale?

Looks like I still need to sit with it for a while as store in Ontario are not opening...still have time to decide.

Thanks for all help in advance! I never have to exchange anything so this is the first time.

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Jun 14, 2019
Hi loci, glovetanned leather will scratch for sure. Just the nature of the beast. Some don’t mind but I do so I tend to go with other types of leather unless I am really really In love with the bag. And true scratches may not be as visible in another color. So all of your options are valid. You just have to decide if you can tolerate it or not. However I would still do an exchange if you decide on the same bag. Good luck!!
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