Exchange my sabrina pink for rose/gold

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  1. Hi ladies,,,need opinions...i have a black small sabrina that i love and am using daily...i also purchased a light pink sabrina a few weeks ago..of course, the next day i get an email from coach displaying the rose/gold metallic sabrina..i am seriously thinking of switching from the pink to rose/gold....any opinions..i could REALLY use some advice:confused1:
  2. Which bag would you be able to use more? The pink or the rose gold? Do you have time to baby the metallic bag?
  3. I'd say go for the rose/gold.
    Since you already have the black everyday Sabrina, this one is more diff, more special than the "plain" pink leather.
    Don't get me wrong, the pink leather is gorg, but re: rose/gold, why the heck not?!?
    Esp if you're not going to use her everyday.
  4. Another vote for the rose/gold.
  5. do u think the metallic is more delicate?? i was kind of thinking my pink is because it is so darn light colored
  6. You have to take care with metallics because of possible flaking. I agree the pink would be delicate too because of color. I like both colors too and it would be a hard choice for me.
  7. I think the pink is much cuter than the rose/gold.
  8. i guess the flaking is worse than the light color...i also like the fact that the pink is the hybid while the rose/gold just has the starp hanging...maybe i will head to the store to look at it and talk to the SA (they are really nice) and then decide,,any more opinions are welcomed!!! i still have two hours before i will be going!!:shrugs:
  9. I love the new rose/gold...
  10. I purchased the Rose Gold but returned's so BRIGHT ...just too much! I also thought the leather was cheap looking and thin. Not as nice as I expected it to be:yucky:
  11. I love the light pink!
  12. I vote for light pink too after seeing them both in person. I really thought I would like the rosegold but I think the light pink is much prettier.
  13. ditch the pink. It is so light and going to get dirty. It is too "nice" of a color. I say go with the edgier color (rosegold) on the sweet bag. I like the contrast!
  14. light pink
  15. Somehow I'm just not a fan of the rose gold IRL. I vote pink!!