Exchange my metallic aubergine Paddy for a grey one?

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  1. Hi, just wondering what to do! I have a metallic aubergine Paddy and I was wondering whether to sell it and get a grey one. What does everyone think? I can't decide.
  2. I love the metallic aubergine, so i'm definitely biased!

    would you go for that flat dove grey?
  3. I had the aubergine paddy too and I wasn't inlove(my friend loved it and bought it from me) I say go for it....
    I also would love a mousee paddy but too scarred of getting another paddy!
  4. I'm not sure which shade of grey it is.

    I'm worried that I only want the grey now because it's in fashion right now so maybe it's making me biased towards that colour because I'm wearing a lot of black/grey right now.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean....last year the had the mousse at 1/2 off and I didn't even look at that colour, this year I want one so bad!
  6. aubergine paddy - if you love it, keep it that is such an awesome color for paddy!!!
  7. I love my aubergine, so personally I would keep it!
  8. I used to have an aubergine paddy (another PF'er now has it!) and I really miss it and am always looking to pick up another one. Don't sell it.... I think you'll regret it. It's such a gorgeous color and it looks great with so many things.
  9. I think the Aubergine is gorgeous---keep it!!!
  10. Just keep it, maybe you can find a good deal on a grey paddy somwhere.

  11. Can you post a photo of her -- please... I would love to see the color.:yes:

    I have a paddy that was described as being dark grey but in different lights it changes to a mid grey. I bought it from a bag enthusiast via ebay after much help from the wonderful authenticators here - once it arrived it was so obviously not a fake, not that anyone ever had a doubt but I have been caught once. Anyway, I was desparate for a Paddy and bought this one thinking that the color would be just OK but at least I had my dream bag. I cant tell you how happy I am with the color now and am soooo glad I bought it, :tup: it goes with everything.

    A happy genuine paddy owner at last!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Hi, I will try to post pics this evening.
  13. I am pretty dissatisfied with the amount of metallic coating that has rubbed off when I have hardly used the bag. That's another reason to want to get rid of the aubergine paddy.
  14. Hmm....Mine is OK so far....Keeping my fingers crossed..
  15. Can you post a picture? I'm really thinking about a metallic paddy myself but am worried about the rubbing off.