Exchange Coach Bought at Macy in boutiques

  1. Hi All,

    Can I find out if I can exchange coach bought from Macy in the boutiques for a credit? My husband bought me a wallet from Macy, but I didn't like it and there is nothing in Macy I want, so can i bring it to the boutique for an exchange?

  2. no, the only thing that can be exchanged in a boutique is something bought from the boutique or the outlet.
  3. no, you can only take it back to macy's.
  4. You might want to check with your Coach store because my store let me do this once with a bag I bought at Macy's. However, if it's a department store exclusive item than you would not be able to. I would go in and ask them.
  5. Actually this past fall I received an Ergo hobo in khaki/camel that I didn't care to keep b/c I already have an Ergo tote and I don't care as much for signature items. Not knowing it was a department store exclusive, I went to the Coach store for an exchange. After initially telling me I could exchange it, they walked over to me as I was browsing and informed me that the bag was a department store exclusive (the particular color combo) and that they would not be able to exchange it after all. They were very nice and apologetic. I left to meet my hubby and kids and started thinking about it and decided to call Coach CS to see if they could help/recommend what I could do. They told me that the store COULD exchange it as long as it was unused and still had the tags attached and to go ahead and take it back to the store. I went back to the store and politely explained to them what CS told me and they proceeded to go ahead and give me a Coach merchandise credit (I'd run out of time to shop right then). They were again very polite and apologized for not exchanging it the first time. Everything was very amicable and I couldn't have more pleased with their superb customer service.
    NOTE: The bag was unused with tags, care cards, dustbag and fully stuffed with original paper. Pristine condition.
  6. As long as its not a store exclusive I do not know why they would not do it... I mean there have been ladies that return unused with no tags for credit? So how would they know? You should called and ask "I have a unused wallet, with no tags, it was a present form my husband but he lost the receipt? can I get store credit?" If she says yeah ask her name and then go down there...
  7. exceptions could always be made but its up to the manager's discretion and if the customer doesn't feel like its the right thing that's what customer service line is for.

    the only thing about department purchases is that they offer discounts and sales and its hard to determine the price paid, not to mention they buy from as a wholesaler...its the same reason why all exchanges with coach outlet requires a receipt or gift receipt of some sort.
  8. If there is nothing in Macy's you would like to buy, I would just get the money back from Macy's and then go to the Boutique and buy what you like!
  9. You can if the coach store carries/carried it and has their style numbers.

  10. This is what I would do. It wouldn't even cross my mind to try to take it to Coach for an exchange or credit if it didn't come from there. To me that's almost like getting something off eBay and then taking it back to Coach for a credit....yes it's their merchandise but it wasn't purchased from them. And coming from Macy's, wouldn't it have the return label on the tag?

  11. Not all Macy's have the return sticker - some still do gift receipts - hopefully the gift giver checked and provided a gift receipt. That said, the only retailer I know of that will give you cash when you are returning a gift is Nordstrom's. I think Macy's will only give store credit.

    I personally wouldn't return it to the coach store if I knew it was from Macy's even if I thought I could "sneak it in". The bag wasn't purchased from coach so to me its not ethical to return/exchange it at the coach store. I would get the store credit from Macy's and use it when there was something there I wanted.
  12. It seems like there are always exceptions with everything done at COACH. A couple of years ago I received a COACH Tote as a gift, tags attached, stuffing inside, etc. But no receipt/gift receipt. I called JAX CS to get the price for this style number because it was not on the website. I took it to my local boutique to exchange for another item, but the style number wouldn't match in the system. So the SA called CS, got off the phone and processed the exchange. Then the SA told me that this size tote was a department store exclusive and that she had to use a generic style number to get it through. She also explained that she was making this exception for me because I was a good customer. After finding this out I offered to take it to one of the dept stores, but she said that wasn't necessary.

    At the time I did not know that COACH made different styles/sizes for dept stores, but I appreciated them accommodating me.

    If you have a regular SA, call to ask them since you know that it is from a dept store. If they say no, then at least you can return it to the dept store for a refund/credit.

    If the item that you want to exchange for is not carried in the dept store(s), are you able to order it from them?