Exchange Berry Alexandra for Red Shoulder Bag?

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  1. I love the Crimson Patent. It is a gorgeous color but not sure about the shoulder bag. That bag is huge. I love the berry alexandra. I would keep the berry alexandra. The color is so rich and it is such a classic bag.
  2. I have the berry and looooove it!!!
  3. Hi Heidi....I'm a Heidi too. And's all a state of mind. If you think you can pull it off, then you CAN pull it off! I'm a 39 year old mother of one and I'd wear it in a minute. So I say if that is what you want then GO for it!!
  4. Thanks for all your advice Ladies!
    I decided to cut the tags on berry Alexandra! I took her out, took out all the bulky stuffing and filled her with my own things. It IS love. :love:
    The color is gorgeous, she's now nice and slouchy, and I love how functional this bag is. I also really love all the silver hardware. I really would regret taking her back.

    That doesn't stop me from still loving that red patent bag, though...that might make a great Christmas gift...
  5. Berry Alexandra is beautiful in her own right! It's always better to take your bag out and see how it is with your things in it. I'm glad you're happy with your decision... and you're right HeidiD... Christmas is around the corner!!
  6. I'm so glad you decided to keep your Alexandra! I think if you'd taken her back, one day when you're out and about, you'd see someone carrying the same bag and it would look so slouchy and cute and you'd be soooo sad you returned her! Glad you're loving it. I'm jealous, I really love this color!
  7. Congrats then on the berry Alexandra!!!:yahoo: I think she is versatile as well as lovely!!! Enjoy!!! :biggrin: