Exchange Berry Alexandra for Red Shoulder Bag?

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  1. I need some opinions on what I should do with my large berry Alexandra. I bought her about a month ago and she's still in the bag with tags on. I really like this bag a lot..but something must be keeping me from committing to her.
    I also recently bought for fall a large Kristin hobo in black and the Hamptons Hobo in walnut. I love both of those bags and have used them a lot already. I want one more bag in a fun color, just not 100% positive that the large Alexandra is THE bag.
    I got to see the Madison Shoulder bag in the red patent over the weekend and WOW...what a cool bag. That would certainly be the punch of color I'm looking for! It is really big but I do like big bags. I'm maybe not sure if I'm cool or edgey enough to pull off this bag...I have more of a classic style and I do my best...but a fashionista I am not! Can a 37 year old, size 10, mother of 2, elementary school teacher pull off a bag like this?
    So what do you think...keep the Alexandra (she IS a lovely bag), go for the red patent shoulder bag, or wait for something better to come along?
    Or if you have any other recommendations for something for a nice punch of color in winter I'd love to hear it! I need to make my mind up...I hate having pretty bags sitting around with tags going unused!
  2. i like the madison shoulder bag,but i also like the alexandra.... i would probably keep it.
  3. I will keep the Alexandra in Berry. It's a gorgeous bag.
  4. Love the berry!
  5. I personally thought the berry Alexandra was to die for... until I saw the crimson patent shoulder bag! She is so beautiful and that color is the best red Coach has made in a loooong time. I also think your students would love that red patent... Have fun with your decision!
  6. I have the berry Alexandra and a crimson Sophia. Both are gorgeous--I'd be hard pressed to choose!

    That being said, Alexandra is an awesome style--so many ways to wear, and such scrumptious leather! Berry rocks--so pretty for fall
  7. There is something telling about a bag that has been in your possession for a month with the tags still on....get the RED I say :blush: Beautiful colour!!!
  8. I just saw the Alexandra in Berry in real life today----KEEP HER!!! She is so stunning- eye catching- gorgeous!!! And, yes, did see a bag in crimson too- thought she was beautiful- but I left the boutique with the Berry on my mind....
    Cut those tags!
  9. I don't think you can go wrong with either one, tbh.

    I saw the crimson shoulder bag in person yesterday and she is a stunner. She's pretty flashy with her shiny red patent and chain strap, so if you don't think you can rock that bag (but seriously I'm SURE you can if you want to) then stick with berry Alexandra. I have an Alexandra and love it. So versatile with classic styling, but a pop of color.

    Good luck making your decision!
  10. I agree with this. If I am excited about a bag, I take it home and yank the tags off and use it right away (or within a day or two).
  11. ^^I agree, too. I think both bags are beautiful, but if you've had the Alexandra this long and haven't cut the tags, maybe it's not the bag for you. Try to imagine if you had the Crimson Shoulder Bag in your possession right now...would you cut the tags immediately? Also, the Crimson Shoulder Bag is patent, which can really come in handy in the winter rain and snow. Of course, there's always option #2...keep the Alexandra and get the shoulder bag, too!:graucho:
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    First of all, you could pull off the red bag, no problem. Never worry about age, size, mom or not-----forget about all that, and if you love a bag, ROCK IT, no matter WHAT bag it is!

    Ok, now that that's out of the way, here's my opinion: although that crimson is gorgeous, and it really is, I would sooooo keep the berry Alexandra. I have the acorn but I really want the berry, too. Every time I go in the boutique I have to stop and admire the berry. The color is so rich, and the style is so classic; it will not soon go out of style, whereas I think patent sort of comes and goes with trends. The berry will blend with more colors, too.

    AND....about having a bag for awhile without cutting the tags! The Hamptons flap you see in my avatar still has tags on, and I've had it for a couple months. It's NOT because I'm unsure about it; I'm simply waiting for cooler weather to break her out! I'm kind of "saving" it, I guess you could say.

    I can tell you, though, if I had that berry Alexandra, I'd be using her. I so love that bag. You might end up regretting it if you exchange her.
  13. I would keep the Berry Alexandra too... the crimson bag is gorgeous, but I think the fingerprints on that smooth shiny patent would drive me a little nutty. Also, I haven't heard any complaints about the quality of the leather Alexandras, and with this new patent it's too soon to tell... call me cautious. Lol

    Berry will match with much more too. Good luck with your decision, both are beauties.
  14. I own the crimson patent shoulder bag and I would HIGHLY recommend it. It's actually a very practical bag. Patent wipes clean and doesn't get bothered by the weather. It's a deep, rich color that will go with most things. The design just fits so nicely on the shoulder and against the body. I am older than you and I am a size "fluffy" and the bag is definitely not too cool or edgy for me. My Coach sisters here have taught me to buy what I love and rock it!:rochard:
  15. I have the blue alexandra and the crimson shoulder bag. I LOVE the alexandra. I wear it all the time. It's casual yet functional. I have yet to cut the tags off of the crimson shoulder bag. I don't see her as an everyday bag but when I'm "dressed up" bag. Does that make sense?

    How about the purple shoulder bag? It's the punch of color you are looking for in such a cute style. And it can be casual and dressy... BTW, I'm knocking on 40 and the only bags I feel a bit too old to carry is the sequined ones. lol