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  1. Hi again Gucci lovers!

    Last week I posted my first ever shopping reveal at Gucci (
    However, I used the Signature mini bag once, and I wasn't too happy with it :sad: Too small and I wasn't loving the snap button closure.

    So I decided to return and exchange for this instead! Take a look at what I got!


    Small padlock bag with hibiscus and pink leather
    16-06-26-20-22-23-688_deco copy.jpg

    It fits my 2 SLGs + my phone + lipstick perfectly!
    16-06-26-20-23-35-328_deco copy.jpg

    Really happy with this padlock :heart::heart::heart:
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  2. looks wonderful:smile: congrats .. am loving the padlock style as well :smile: Enjoy
  3. Love the padlock style! It'll look really beautiful dressed up or down!
  4. Lovely colors! And it looks like it holds a lot.
  5. Love the Padlock so congratulations on this new beauty

    but I hope that you don't mean you used a bag out and then returned it? :shocked:
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  6. Congrats! What I love about this bag is the classic Gucci print teamed with the pop of orange/pink.
  7. Oh! I should rephrase that, sorry!
    I was going to use the bag I originally bought... but it couldn't fit my essentials at all :sad: So I ended up not using it and decided to return. :yes:
  8. I thought that's what you meant :yes:

    I think this little Padlock will be much more useful
  9. Hello, I know this is a bit off topic. Where did you purchase your Tian zippered card case? I am trying to locate the red trim case and so far I am only able to find brown. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, your padlock bag is stunning!!
  10. OMG...that is lovely!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  11. That's a lovely bag! Many congratulations and enjoy!
  12. Hi - I love this color combination. I'm thinking about it, but in the larger size. Are you still happy with the colors? Still happy with the size? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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