Excessive swelling..anyone else?

  1. Hey guys~ I have a chronic kidney disease (which some of you already know) that already predisposes me to swelling. Well the temp here has been 102 and I have gone back to work. I am in airconditioning most of the time, but the school halls are not. So, I am constantly going in and out of air. My feet literally have 1/2 an inch of water sloshing around on top. You can actually see it move!

    I do put them up and still drink a lot of water. However, the last few days even after I go to sleep I wake up with them swollen. My school nurse has been checking my blood pressure, so go so far. I am starting to get concerned because a co-worker became toxic this way and almost died during childbirth.

    I still have 2 months left and I don't think the heat will dissipate any time soon unfortunately.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or information to help ease my mind? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for listening as always;)
  2. Wow, that sounds pretty rough. Did you talk to your doctor about it? During my last two pregnancies I had swelling on my feet and ankles when I stood for a period of time. My ankles would almost be as big around as my calves, but I couldn't actually see the water sloshing about. It sounds like you're doing what you're supposed to, keeping them elevated and staying hydrated. I would still contact the doctor, just to be safe, that's what he/she is there for. :yes:
  3. I'm with you-I cry every time I go to the doctors and they weigh me, and I am not normally a crier, at all. I drink water like crazy, and I am actually pretty tiny for this stage of pregnancy, but as soon as I stand up, I swell. You can put your finger up to my skin and the white mark stays where you touched. I have no idea how to lose the water weight when I am already so hydrated I pee clear.
  4. Ghost: because of your ckd, do you urinate much? during my pregnancy I had frequent urge to go but the amount was pathetic...i call the bathroom visits "fraud". I gained a whole lot of fluid weight and was not able to get the swelling down. i had "bread feet and elephant trunks". not the ideal chic prego look i wanted to achieve. (i did eventually became toxic. and ds came out 8wks early).
    please keep your BP monitored closely. if you can, daily. and watch out for symptoms (i am sure the nurse already told you, if you see spots..or have epigastric pain, let them know asap). take it easy. I hope everything goes well. :heart:
  5. ^^^ I am so sorry you became toxic. That is my fear right now. I am going to call the DR. on Monday and see about getting in to do a BUN and creatin clearance on my kidneys.

    No-one has told me what to watch out for except high blood pressure. What is epigastric pain? Did you go into labor early or did they medically intervene? I hope you don't mind me asking.

    I also hope your baby was healthy:yes: and you were okay.

    Thanks everyone who has posted. I really appreciate it:heart:

  6. I undrstand~ the white mark that is staying in your skin is called "pitting edema". I have this normally with my kidney disease. It is now exasperated due to carrying bb. I read this morning that we should try to still do some exercise to help the water move. So~ I walked for 25 minutes today and my feet actually look a little better.

    We can be water weight pals!:nuts:
  7. Ghost, do you do prenatal yoga? My instructor has some of us do posts that will help reduce swelling. I also find that when I go for a swim, stay in the pool for half an hour to 45 minutes the swelling is literally gone.
  8. Ghost, sorry about your swelling. I had a small problem with it with baby 1 but none this time. I read that soaking in water actually helps remove some of it from your body, hence the pool, baths. Also lowering salt intake, raising feet.

    Hang in there, hopefully the next 8 weeks will go by fast. Take it easy at work and try to stay in the ac!!!!
  9. No~ The only exercise I have been going is walking. This is because my hips softenend really early and the DR. told me to not even sit with my legs crossed etc..

    No pool around here...I would love it though! Thanks for your help:heart:

    Thanks Riley! Good luck to you as you should hatch soon! YEAH!!!!
  10. I hear extreme swelling is cause by getting toxic. I would keep an eye on that. Hope you feel better soon!
  11. We can be selling buddies, Ghost. I am on bedrest and am not allowed to do any exercise though. I just drink more and more water! If you can exercise, though-I have heard that prenatal yoga works pretty good too!
  12. thank you ghost.
    yea. i think it's a great idea to be followed by a doctor closely. check your BUN/Crt, protein in the urine. i didn't know i wasn't urinating normally until i was admitted to the hospital and they did a 24hr urine collection. i didn't go into labor early. they had to do the emergency c section.
    epigastric pain is the pain above your stomach (toward the the right side they are looking for).

    thank you. my son is a healthy 2yo now. thank god everything went well. but that 2 month of him being in the hospital was the hardest days of my life.

    you can pm me if you want to talk more about it.

    Wish you the best!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

  13. Thank you sweetie! I am calling DR first thing in the morning. I can't even begin to comprehend how hard it was on you with your son being 2 months premature. (((Hugs))). I wrote my Research paper in Grad school on NICU babies. So much scariness there...I am so thankful that all is well with you and your son.

    I will keep you guys posted...Thanks for all the thoughts, I love having this outlet to discuss things that I would never have an opportunity to so.:heart:
  14. You are close to me! I work outside St. Louis! I am sorry you are on bedrest. I had to do a little of that w/ my last baby. What a pain, but worth it for the baby. :tup: Take care of you, and if you would like to chat, let me know~ Keep occupied w/ tPF and books...I know it is STILL boring though. There is only so much you can do from a couch...and to think some people choose to be couch potatoes:wtf:
  15. I had swelling on my calves for the longest time, and then I discovered "Anti-Eau", an anti-water-retention lotion from L'Occitane. DH massaged my legs religiously with it for 3 days (Indian roll etc) and the swelling went down significantly. I am still using it at 37 weeks and I love it - the scent and everything. If you can get a hold of this great product, you can try it. I do suggest you use more of it in the first few days.