excessive shipping

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  1. i ordered a silk dress from the USA and was charged $26, the actual cost was $8.65. I don't mind paying a little more, but I think that this is a bit too much.

    is there anything that I can do? I paid through paypal.

  2. Here's a copy of the *bay policy on excessive shippping charges:

    When listing an item using eBay’s shipping calculator, or specifying a shipping cost in categories for which eBay does not prescribe maximum shipping and handling charges, sellers may charge reasonable shipping and handling fees to cover the costs of mailing, packaging, and handling. eBay will rely on member reports and its own discretion to determine whether or not a seller’s shipping, handling, packaging, and/or insurance charges are excessive. Shipping and handling fees may not be listed as a percentage of the final sale price.

    Shipping and handling charges may include:

    • Actual Shipping cost: This is the actual cost paid to the carrier (i.e. postage) for shipping the item.
    • Handling Fee: Actual packaging material costs may be charged. A handling fee in addition to actual shipping cost may be charged if it is not excessive.
    Insurance: Sellers may offer buyers insurance and extra services provided through the carrier at actual cost. These services include, but are not limited to: Certificate of Mailing, Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery, Delivery Confirmation, Insured Mail, Registered Mail, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt, Signature Confirmation and Special Handling.
    Charges not allowed in Shipping & Handling:

    • Tax: Only actual applicable federal, state, country, city, VAT, and equivalent taxes may be charged.
    • Additional insurance protection: No additional amount such as “self insurance” may be added.Sellers who do not use a licensed 3rd party insurance company may not require buyers to purchase insurance. This is a violation of state law.
    • Tariffs and duties: For cross border transactions, sellers may not collect tariffs and duties.However, buyer may be responsible for actual tariffs and duties as required by country laws.
    • Fees related to Shipping & Handling: Gasoline, mileage, time spent at a carrier, time spent packaging the item, eBay and PayPal fees may not be added.
    Categories with maximum shipping charges:
    In some categories, eBay prescribes maximum shipping and handing charges. When listing in these categories, sellers may not exceed these maximum charges. The only exception is for items that are unusually large or heavy relative to other items typically listed in that category. Sellers may use the shipping calculator to list these items, setting the weight and size to the actual weight and size of item plus packing materials. Sellers using the calculator for items in these categories that are not larger or heavier than most items in the category will be in violation of this policy if the calculated cost exceeds the specified maximum shipping cost.

    Free shipping:
    Sellers may offer free shipping to select or all destinations. For a destination denoted as free shipping, no others fees related to shipping, handling, or packaging may be charged.

    Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

    • Listing cancellation
    • Limits on account privileges
    • Account suspension
    • Forfeiture of eBay fees on cancelled listings
    • Loss of PowerSeller status
    At the bottom of the help page that includes this information is a link to report a listing with excessive shipping charges. Unfortunately, I believe you need to report the listing while it is active. I don't know if there is anything you can do after the fact, because by bidding on (and winning) the auction, you agreed to the seller's shipping charges (even though you didn't know that the actual shipping cost would be so much less than what you paid).

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I know it's incredibly frustrating to overpay for shipping. I just paid $25 for a pair of shoes that came to me from a town about 30 minutes from my home, so I feel your pain.
  3. When you bid on it or did a BIN you agreed to the shipping cost. Were you aware of the cost when you bid?

    Did you ask the seller for a refund of the difference?

    Did she insure it? Maybe she used a 3rd party insurance company?
  4. I asked her if she would ship and she told me that the shipping charges would be $26, I didn't realised that it only cost aound $9! i've normally only ordered shoes from USA which always costs around $40 so I thought it was just more expensive from the USA.
  5. it wasn't insured and took 2 weeks to get to me so no special services.
  6. Where are you located? And what shipping service did the seller use? Can you post the link to the auction?

    FYI: I always ship internationally via USPS Priority International or Express Mail service, which is trackable but can still take between 10 days - 2 weeks to arrive overseas. On average, these services cost about $25 and up depending on the item's weight. (I sent a Chanel bag to the UK and it cost me over $50 to ship).
  7. i don't know if you can get any of that back but you should note it when you leave feedback (star system) that her shipping is too high. also sometimes buyers overestimate shipping cost, i overestimated shipping a small item to canada, using usps.com and quoted the buyer $7. In the end, it only me $2.14 when i got to the post office. I eventually refunded the excess (taking out the cost of the envelope, tape, etc) to the buyer. maybe you can email the seller to ask if she/he would the excess?
  8. Please don't be upset with me. But I as a buyer I see the shipping costs upfront and if it ends up that is costs less to ship, that shouldn't be a problem.

    I agreed to the S&H the seller offered and if I don't like it, I can not buy the item.
  9. sometimes you can't win...if the shipping cost more than you thought, you can't ask them for the balance.....
    sometimes you lose on shipping as a seller ($2-$10), sometimes you win....making $2-$4 on the shipping.

    Its good to check the rates on the post offices site....but its hard to determine where the buyer will be from.
    I notice some sellers have rates US Canada International.
    if you bid, you accept their terms JMHO
  10. Sington,

    At first blush it seems high, but before you hit them with the DSR feedback, be sure you understand the charges. Did you see the postage on the box or are you judging from weight? Size CAN make a difference. Did you ask them?

    When we know that we have overcharged more than a dollar, we give a refund, but if you are shipping out a number of items, you might not catch that something went cheaper than expected. Bring it to their attention.

    I ship teddy bears all around the world. Many are not heavy but they can be big. I sold one with shipping of $20 only to get charged $39.00 when I got to the Post Office. That was all my loss, since I had already contracted the sale. Postage price surprises can be on both sides and while we refund the overage, we have never had anyone offer to pay more.

    Write to them first in a friendly tone. It may all work out amicably.
  11. ITA. In fact, I stopped charging shipping on shipments within the US altogether, because I was tired of buyers asking me to use a cheaper shipping method, usually one without any tracking or insurance. I still charge for International shipping, but I print the postage on the label and email the buyer with an itemized receipt including cost of postage, cost of insurance, delivery/sig confirmation, etc. Then I refund the difference down to the penny. And do you know what? I still have people give me less than 5 stars on my shipping rating!! :shrugs:
  12. I personally refund the excess in shipping costs when I ship international. Sometimes I overestimate the costs because I don't have the item prepackaged and thus the calculator info is off, and it's not because I intentionally gouge the buyer.

    I would politely ask the seller if he/she could refund the huge excess minus any handling charges and go from there.
  13. Since I don't live in NY anymore and live in Greece some sellers do charge very high amounts for shipping. You can kindly ask the seller to refund some of the shipping and handling charges. I have a very high success rate with this and almost always the sellers says they are sorry and refunds $5 or $10. Which is enough to make me happy. Some sellers do not refund anything and than I say that I will be forced to leave negative or neutral feedback because of the high shipping amounts, and almost always they come around to some agreeded upon refund and I leave positive feedback.
  14. OP: Did you speak to the seller about this?
  15. hi, i left it inthe end because I was very happy with the dress, but marked her down on dsr. (I maybe should have tried but always feel bad complaining and don't like to threaten- i know, i'm working on it, i'm sure it will come with age)

    I try not to overcharge my buyers so hopefully shopping karma will prevail!

    by the way to answer some questions, the actual price on the package was $8.65, it was a normal jiffy with no other packaging. just ups (i think) international, nothing fancy.

    thanks for the input, but it has put me off buying from the states.