excessive shipping - report it????

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  1. Yes, it can be reported as a listing violation - excessive shipping.

    That is not allowed on ebay.
  2. Report it...they will probably be taken down pretty quickly...they've probably done it before, hence why they are a "new" ebayer with 0 feedback.
  3. Not only is the shipping $150 but delivery time is 13-14 days. Maybe they are going to hand deliver it
  4. I've reported many of listings like this, ebay never removed them.
  5. exactly bluemountain!!!!

    for that type of money it had better be at my door in under 10 minutes!!!:graucho:

    i reported both of them.
  6. The ones I've reported were usually taken down fairly quickly. These people should not be selling on ebay if they don't want to pay the fees.
  7. In their shipping description, it says the seller will ship 10 days after receiving payment!!!!!!

    Maybe they actually are really new!
  8. I reported them too, but don't expect much. I suspect reporting as "circumventing eBay fees" gets more attention that "excessive shipping" does. Wish eBay would enforce it's own rules...
  9. Reported. Please report! Will need more reports to pull listing down.
  10. I reported, maybe if everyone reports it, eBay will actually do something.
  11. this is the cost of the airplane ticket because they are going to fly it to you and hand deliver it on a silver platter :P
  12. With a cute little umbrella!!!