Excessive Shipping - Major Rant!!

  1. So I won 2 items from a seller and the shipping charges were $20 each. This was regular ole USPS and no insurance was included. My final price was around $35 each for the items. I was ok with paying the shipping amt. for one item because the price was superlow compared to retail.

    I messaged the seller and asked if I could get a shipping discount or combine shipping and I was told no, the items had to be shipped separately. I said ok and then proceeded to pay. Well I got the box yesterday and both items were shipped in the same package and shipping was $8.45. WTF!!:cursing: I was charged $40 for shipping!!:wtf: So should I leave neutral or negative feedback? I wouldn't have been so po'ed if at least he would have shipped them separately like he stated he had to. I usually never complain about shipping but this was excessive.
  2. Wow, I think I'd be annoyed too- I can understand a bit extra for gas, travel, packing, etc.- but you ASKED to have them shipped in the same box and he said no! And that's a $32 difference! If I were you, I'd ask nicely one more time for a small refund on the shipping, and if that doesn't work, I'd give him a neutral FB. Has he left you feedback yet?
  3. OH :shocked: you mean for domestic shipping, she charged for $20 - each??
  4. Can you file a complaint with Paypal for a partial refund? That's a bit extreme! I don't understand sellers that charge extra for gas and covering their eBay and Paypal fees. I think that's just WRONG! I'm a seller and I only charge for delivery confirmation, actual postage and if I have to buy a box to ship the item. I usually use the USPS shipping boxes but if I have something that won't fit, I go to Staples to buy the box but to charge for gas to the PO and cover my fees? :wtf: Why should I have to do that? If the PO is within walking distance, will I have to pay by the amount of footsteps it takes to walk there? :cursing: I hate people like that! I have a pretty good idea how much it costs to ship (use the shipping calculator on USPS) and some ppl get way out of hand. Sorry about the Rant. :shame:
  5. If the shipping was posted on the auction then you agreed to it when you bidded on the item. I don't understand leaving neutral feedback or asking for a partial refund. A seller can charge any price; it's your choice to purchase the item.
  6. ^I think OP is upset as she asked the seller if they could combine shipping and they said the items had to ship separate, but they ended up shipping together.

    If the seller was going to ship the items together, he should have given reduced rate for combined shipping.
  7. That is :sneaky: and :hs:

    If they said seperate boxes that would explain the shipping ~ Said 2 sent in 1 - liar liar pants on fire = bad feedback. It is all part of the transaction and I would say that made it a bad one... I would nail the 4th star as well...
    In the future I would ask the combine shipping thing b4 purchase and shop elsewhere~seller already had you over a barrel since you had already won both auctions... :sad:
  8. ^^^ thank you emald. That's exactly the point. If the items were shipped separate I would've been annoyed but I agreed to it so I would've just moved on. they were shipped together and I was told they had to be shipped separately and as a result IMO i got hosed with excessive shipping charges. I paid $40 in shipping for items that cost $8.45 to ship. That's ridiculous!! I should be refunded the cost of shipping for one item. I'm going to message the seller one last time before I enter feedback. I don't mind padding the shipping a bit but $20 in s/h for a $35 item is robbery.

    Thank you ladies for weighing in. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overreacting.
  9. Its against eBay policy to charge excessive shipping- so I think if you file a dispute in paypal you should be able to get some money back, just make sure you keep the box with the amount on it.
  10. ask the seller for a partial refund and if they don't agree, report them to eBay for excessive shipping. if you leave a neg. they will probablye retaliate.
    BTW: i would be pissed too. that's crap in my opinion. either ship in separate boxes or give a discount. Dh had that happen recently. he ordered something and shipping was $30 and listing said it included insurance. well, trhe box arrived a week and a half later, first class mail, no insurance and the box cost $9.80 to ship. the seller had the ordacity to say that balls don't break.
  11. I'd ask the seller for some $$ back 1st & see what happens. Tell them u specifically asl\ked about combined shipping & they said no due to 2 seperate shipments - and then they combined the shipment anyway! Seller outright lied. That is excessive shipping. Even with the cost of T & M it shouldn't be that much.
  12. thats so wrong. 5 or 10 is okay already, but charging $40 for a $9 postage?

    i would leave neutral.
  13. PS - I wouldn't leave any feedback till after u try to resolve with the seller.
  14. reply to the last message saying the items needed to be sent separately - make sure the text shows -- and say:
    "i'm so glad you were able to send them together after all! but the paypal credit for shipping the second one hasn't shown up yet and i just wanted to check on when to expect it."

    or if you want to REALLY bust him you can file a paypal claim that the second one didn't arrive -- paypal technically doesn't allow combined shipping. they won't be able to prove that they sent it, and you can cancel the claim when they refund shipping AND leave you positive feedback for the transaction.
  15. thank you dq!! That is brilliant. I didn't know you couldn't combine shipping with Paypal. Ya learn something new every day.