excessive postage!

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  1. Can someone help me here with an explanation as to why this would be?
    I bought a small coin purse and the postage to Australia was $19.99. i really wanted it so i just paid it. Today when i received the wallet the postage was $3.60! The envelope was recycled, there was no bubble wrap etc so i cant figure out how there can be such a massive discrepancy.

    I get that people want to charge for their time but this seems too much. Ive already left feedback for the seller (but have sent a curious email).

  2. that is totally messed up! eesh, coming off the heels of your recent dispute/claim, im sure youd be weary of filing another one. it's just, as im sure you know, its against ebay policy to charge excessive shipping & handling fees. it's not like the package for the small coin purse cost 15.00...
  3. Oh dear. I would wait to hear the sellers response. If they want to be decent they may refund you the difference.
  4. MJ, that is really excessive. Like you, I would have sent an e-mail to the seller. He/she really should offer to reimburse you at least $10. I'm sorry this has happened, straight after your awful experience receiving a Prada-less empty box.
  5. I do hate it when sellers charge excessive fees on postage. I think it is a sneaky way to inflate the price of the item. There is a threshold I can accept and, after that, I just don't bid.
  6. that is unfair!!

    sometimes if they charge me 3-5 dollars more it is understandable as it might included in the packaging and transportation cost.. but... your case is insane!! I will talk to the seller at least made her aware of we are not dumb!
  7. Sometimes it's pure fee avoidance, and other times it's just a way to pad their profits. I recently won a small item that had a S&H price of $7 for Priority Mail, but when I went to checkout, they required insurance for an additional $2. Okay, what the hoo, and I paid it. When the item arrived, it was sent plain old First Class, there was NO insurance, and the total price on the package was $2.22. I didn't mention it to them directly, but I did make sure I gave them 1 star for fair shipping.
  8. To me, the total price, item's winning bid plus shipping, is the most important. If the item is worth (based on condition and retail price) much more than what I pay, I do not care what the seller charges for shipping. For example, if your coin purse is in new condition and it retails $69 plus tax, and if your winning bid is only $9.99, I do not see anything wrong with this $30 deal. Besides, you must like the coin purse a lot, don't you? Can you find a better deal on eBay, a deal that charges less than $20 shipping?

    In other words, please enjoy your coin purse, and do not frown about the little things.
  9. Sorry that is not the point. The cost of the item is important and if mjlover got a good deal thats fab. But that doesnt mean the seller should make a profit on postage.
  10. Yes, but the shipping price is listed and if you don't want to pay then you don't buy except for when you are being told you are getting one service and then you get a different one, Priority and First class as examples.
  11. Well, here are my two cents:
    I've been on Ebay for 6 years now and buying and selling things on daily basis, only TWICE I received some money back for an excessive shipping although I didn't ask sellers to do that, I guess there were just honest people.
    I agree with bibidius here. You can always ask about shipping charges before you place your bid.
    Plus, PayPal charges their comission on sale and I often end up paying for shipping from my pocket.
  12. The shipping charge in this case is just down right excessive. It would be different if the shipping had been 3$ and she paid 8$ then you could say okay factor in packaging,gas, ect. But thats almost an 18$ profit they made off shipping. I would ask to refund the difference.
  13. If you think the postage is excess, you should discuss the issue with the seller BEFORE bidding and winning the item. You can even report the listing to eBay about the excessive shipping charges. Once you place a bid, you ackowledge that you understand and honor the terms of the listing, which is a binding contract. Complaining about the excessive shipping charges after you bid and win the item is not the right thing to do, not to mention hazzling the seller for a refund. The latter is what bothers me the most.
  14. Problem is we are all kind of aware of shipping in our own countries but when items come from abroad its a bit hazy. I sometimes assume it is that much higher because of that. Once it gets there you see the label and decide if it was reasonable.
  15. This makes absolutely no sense. Why should a seller be able to profit on the shipping? The cost of the item doesn't mean that you can make a $30 profit off of shipping. :confused1::tdown: Also, sometimes you don't know how much shipping actually costs until you see the item with the postage stamp on it...