Excessive Postage

  1. I bought a pair of JC pants and asked the seller to quote me for priority shipping from the states to Australia.

    She quotes me $27.00

    Though its expensive, I pay.

    Today I get the pants and they were sent regular airmail in an evelope with a postage stamp of $10.10

    Does anyone know if I can do anything??
  2. First I'd try emailing the seller to ask why the shipping was so expensive when it only cost $10.10 to mail, as shown by the stamp on the envelope.
  3. Yes I have done that, but if she claims that those are her handling charges, do I have a recourse?
  4. I was curious about this too, as shipping and handling kind of implies there is a charge for labor lol.
  5. Hmm, I think in this case then, you should contact eBay because she clearly stated that it would be $27 to ship and it only cost $10.10 to mail...there's no way she should have charged a $16.90 handling fee. I'll see what I can find on eBay for you.
  6. Aww thats very kind of you LV - I had a bit of a look and it says that you can report a seller for excess postage, and they may lose some of their seller privledges etc. However - that doesn't do me any good...
  7. I factor in a portion of my costs to sell (listing fees, closing fees and paypal fees) into my shipping price, as do most sellers and class that as handling.

    All you can really do at this point is leave appropriate feedback.
  8. if you pay for additional insurance it doesnt always show on the stamps on the front? I tend to "over quote" international customers and then offer to refund if there is a huge difference. The reason being is that i do not have time to go to the post office and get every item weighed for every country, with every insurance option. Ive used the online calculator before & its wildly inaccurate. If people arent happy with this arrangement then id rather they didnt buy from me.

    As for your situation there isnt anything you can do, you agreed to it. All i can suggest it emailing the seller.. see what they say. If they arent happy leave neutral fb saying you are happy with goods but shipping was excessive. I wouldnt neg on such a situation.
  9. Thanks for your advice.

    The thing is - I was quoted for global priority, which I assumed would be the reason for the higher shipping price.

    However, since it was shipped regular airmail, it seems unfair (as I had to wait longer etc).

    I haven't had a response from the seller yet.

    I guess I find it difficult to understand as I charge the exact amount for shipping on my items.
  10. I think contacting the seller and asking her to refund you in the nicest way possible is the bets thing to do. I actually just did this to a buyer by mistake!:sad:

    I always list rates for domestic priority and overnight shipping, and the buyer can choose the method when they pay the ebay invoice. 99.9% of the time, they choose priority. This buyer had chosen overnight, and I simply didn't realize that she paid for it, so I sent it priority like I always do. She contacted me after receiving it and asked for a refund in the shipping difference, and I was so embarrassed and apologetic that I made a mistake, that I credited her double the difference just to make up for it. She was very happy. You never know, maybe it was just a mistake and the seller will be nice about it!:smile:
  11. I couldnt agree more! That is unfair. I think just being nice and trying to get a refund from her is the best way to go.... if you dont get the desired result then neut or neg...
  12. I would like to think the seller did it by accident. However, in addition the the high postage, the item was simply in an envelope, and she wrote my address incorrectly on the envelope as 2117 instead of 2/17, which meant the postman only realised what was going on when he saw my name on another package I received, and he corrected the address himself!
  13. Hmmm, disturbing... well, I at least think you ought to call her on it and give her the opportunity to refund the difference. I wouldn't ask for the entire difference, allow her maybe $2-3 for handling. I would propose a refund of $14 based on your first post. If she says no or ignores you, I think it's fine to report it to ebay and/or leave neutral feedback explaining what she did. I wouldn't leave negative feedback, because then she'll do the same for you out of spite (unfortunate but probable...) Neutral shows that you were happy with the item, but it raises a flag for future buyers about the shipping without jeopardizing your own feedback. Good luck!:smile:
  14. P.S. you have a really great postman!!:smile: