Excessive Perspiration

  1. I have this problem since I'm 10 or 11 :sad: it is so embarrasing..my problem is not the sweating but the bad odor. I try to keep under control with fancy deodorants and stuff but the problem it doesn't seem to go away. I think this is a hereditary problem or something as I discovered my little girl is having the same problem. I'm planning to do the Botox thing for me but I don't think this procedure can be done on childs. I was just wondering if you know of any good deodorants or home made remedies for my little one. I don't want her to go thru all the trouble I went when I was her age. Thanks,
  2. did you try asking the doctor to see what they recommend? maybe they can prescribe a special kind of deodorant. Check with a dermatologist or maybe her regular doctor can refer you to some kind of specialist.
  3. trying to look a pediatrics dermatologist in my area
  4. You should look into this product called drysol (I can purchase it over the counter here in Canada) but it helped me with my sweating problem & now I get Botox injections. You basically apply the product to your underarms, it is like a liquid deodrant & cover your armpit with plastic wrap overnight & it does help.
  5. Have you tried the Secret Clinical Strength? I, gladly, outgrew this problem but it was so embarassing as an adolescent. My DD has inherited the sweating. The new Secret works well for her.
  6. Drysol and CertainDri did not work very well for me at all so I now get Botox injections and stay bone dry. However, if odor is the problem rather than wetness, I'm not sure what to suggest. Perhaps one of those natural deodorant rocks/crystals? Good luck finding a solution.
  7. Definitely see a dermatologist and get a prescription strength deodorant/anti-perspirant. They are applied overnight so they can absorb and work throughout the day (just like Secret Clinical Strength).
  8. I have tried certaindri and while it worked, it caused an irritation when I used it every night. I would that you see the dermatologist first and get a special deoderant first. If a dermatologist is not an option, try certain dri, but use it every other night. It does work better that way.