excess fat / stretch marks

  1. Ive lost alot of weight and have excess skin and stretch marks. mainly on my chest area. is there a way to tighten the excess skin and get rid of the stretch marks? i feel so embarassed asking this :shame: :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats on the weight loss!!! Awesome! Not sure about tightening the skin unless you have PS.
  3. I don't think there's any way to entirely get rid of stretch marks but the women on tPF who've had babies can probably help you with ways to fade them. As for "tightening" the skin, why not try making the muscles under the skin bigger? There's all sorts of weight-lifting exercises for that sort of thing.
  4. Unfortunately you can't get rid of stretch marks. :sad: There are creams out there that claim to fade stretch marks, haven't found any that works yet.

    I think excess skin can only be removed surgically?
  5. You can tighten the skin by doing chest excersizes. Ihad a minor problem with that and push-ups and weights helped a whole lot!
  6. ugh. thanks for the tips guys :heart:
  7. yep a little bit of excersize will help you with excess skin.
    but I'm afraid the strech marks don't fade :/
    most everyone has them so don't stress about em ;) they're only normal.
  8. stretch marks are completely normal. I wouldn't worry about them, most people have them. as far as the excess skin if you aren't willing to have it surgically removed, just exercise and exercise, thats all you can do!! Like the others said their isn't cream out there to take them away, so do don't waste your money.
  9. I have heard that vitamin e oil and cocoa butter cream help for stretch marks...but I doubt it.
  10. i too have heard that cocoa butter works well for stretch marks. congrats on the weight loss!
  11. Apparently cocoa butter will help fade it - with time - but nothing will get rid of it... maybe surgery.
  12. the thing is, skin is NOT a muscle, it doens't just tighten up w/ exercise unfortunately.

    I waited 2 full years to see if my skin would ever improve after delivering my twins.
    I only gained 29 lbs w/ them and lost it all within 7 days. . . . I then went ahead and lost about 5 more pounds below pre-pregnancy weight and exercised regularly for 2 yrs. nothing helped.
    I had a tummy tuck last May and am SOOOOOOOOOO glad I did,

    The other's are right about stretch marks too.
    They can't be repaired/removed, they WILL fade and be almost unoticable however.
  13. Thanks guys.
  14. I would think, as long as you're young, that the skin will regain some of its tenacity with time. I would give it a while, and if you're still really unhappy, and can afford it, look into plastic surgery.