Exception - an honest seller on EBay

  1. i thought we all need a bit of ressuring and encouragement...

    one of our PF gals posted an auction with a white gaucho bag to authenticate - we couldnt make up our minds so i asked the seller for more pics. I received them almost straight away and we were able to say it was a fakey fake :tdown:

    so i worte back to the seller explaining why i doubt the authenticity and wont purchase the bag. He ended the auction straight away and contacted the owner ( he has a consignment business). I warned him about fake receipts being sold and gave him a link to our Forum ( where we authenticated the bag ).

    That is the reply i got :

    "Thank you very much for the information you gave us. We contacted the consignor and she confirmed an eBay purchase. We withdrew the listing and now will check further. If I register with Forum can they authenthicate for us?

    i just think its a breath of fresh air to deal with an honest person...adding him to my favourite sellers now !
  2. This person is a very honest one, rare to find nowadays! So we're getting a new Pfer now?
  3. ah.. that is pretty cool. great job on keeping him informed:tup:
  4. I had this happen to me once too - a bag I could see a mile off was a fake once I received the extra photos I'd asked for when I could only see one blurry image on the screen and then tracked the source of the bag (she'd bought it on eBay a few months earlier). The woman was mortified, the auction disappeared immediately and she wrote a very gracious email thanking me and telling me she was going after the Ebayer who sold her a fake 'Mulberry'. I stubbornly refuse to believe that the majority are evil scam artists given my Pollyanna tendencies, but it is good to be reminded sometimes!
  5. :tup: That's indeed great to hear, thanks for sharing!
  6. Great to hear that not everyone is dishonest... It's easy to get too cynical.
  7. Nice to hear.
  8. Wow, that's great!
  9. It is nice to hear a positive eBay story!
  10. ALWAYS nice to hear something like this!!

    I have been debating about posting a similar interaction I had with a seller recently as well, but decided to let them have their privacy. I think it's awesome that you are giving this seller their props, though. Very nice to hear when a seller does the right thing--all too often we just hear about the bad experiences people have on eBay.
  11. Yes, honest and very nice seller. You know so hard to find nice seller like him, usually sellers will get mad if we say their items aren't auth
  12. Cool deal. Sounds like a good seller!
  13. Wow, great!! I think there are alot of honest sellers they are just hard to find. I know I have dealt with a few, shopmonica is my favorite if you like designer clothes.
  14. I've made 100+ eBay purchases this year. Two sellers were crooks. I entered (and won) disputes on both occasions. Based on my experiences 98% of eBay sellers are honest and forthright. Unfortunately we tend to dwell on bad experiences while dismissing the good. IMHO honest sellers shouldn't suffer the misdeeds of a few.
  15. there is still hope in ebay :smile: