Excentri-cite.. too bulky?

  1. I'm about 5'1, thinking about buyin the excentri-cite..b/c it looks so functional. But is that too big and bulky to sling over the shoulders? Anybody has one? Would it be weird as an everyday bag? It's btw. the excentri-cite or the trouville. Opinions please..:tup:
  2. i used to have the excentri cite, and now i miss her :sad:
    i wasnt able to sling it over my shoulders though, just the crook of my arm. i thought it was great as an everyday bag, i loved wearing her with jeans.
  3. Oh, I Want This One Too, But I Thought That It Would Be A Shoulder Bag. I Am Completely Over Bags That Will Just Sit In The Crook. I Need Shoulderbags.