Excellent Outlet Finds! New Year splurge! *PHOTOS*

  1. Ok. I NEED nothing. But... I thought i'd just pop into the outlet by my house to see if there was anything new... and there was... with my name on it! Here they are:

    Chelsea Vintage Leather Satchel in Mineral, only one (not bad at $263). I LOVE this bag! I'd never even seen it or any like it before! Here she is... (also got the Owl!) :love:

    My outlet had quite a bit of Bleecker stuff (small flaps, brown & black lg duffles) and one of these in Wine at $191 (plus the mini skinny!):

    Thanks in advance for letting me share! My DH and 2 boys just think i'm crazy :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. Love the satchel! Mineral is such a gorgeous color. :tup:
  3. Gorgeous finds! LOVE the satchel, she's gorgeous!
  4. I LOVE that satchel!!! I bought the printed python in mineral and don't know why I didn't buy the leather :confused1:. Also, I bought that wine duffle full price. Man...you were so lucky!! GREAT JOB!!!!!:tup:
  5. Those are some great finds!! I love the satchel!
  6. I love that satchel. I've never seen it before either. And that blueish color is just beautiful!
  7. ...oh yeah, and i'm really a 'matchy' geek because i'm so THRILLED that my 'W' leather charm matches the Mineral leather EXACTLY!!!:graucho:
  8. I'm so happy for you!! I'm "matchy" too!!:wlae:
  9. That mineral color is gorgeous! Congrats on your haul!
  10. Fantastic buys!! Love the wine bleecker.....
  11. Wow, awesome buys! That satchel looks really beautiful -- I passed up on the mineral when it was in the boutiques because every single one I saw looked all banged up. If one of them had been that pretty, I would have bought it!
  12. Those are gorgeous! I love the Bleeker duffle. You're giving me hope for good finds on my outlet trip this weekend!!
  13. Wow that satchel is beautiful! I really like that. Nice haul!
  14. LOVE the color of that satchel! :drool:
  15. I saw both of these in my outlet last night except the satchel was black. There were only 2 in the outlet. There was also a lot of Bleekcer Flaps, etc.