Excellent EMMY club!

  1. I'll kick off with my oak Emmy:

    More Emmies, please!
  2. ^ This thread threw me LOL!!! I was contmplating getting one of these: it's my member name!!! Yeah..more pics ladies!!! Would love to see....
  3. Would you mind sharing a few more photographs with me? I'm thinking of buying an Emmy and I really want to know whether or not there are any studs on the bottom, and whether the internal zipper should be on the left or right when closed...

    Also, exactly how many holes are there on the front "belt"? The internal pocket, the top row of trees along the zipper-- are the right side up or upside down?

    Did yours have a "Made in Turkey" tag?
  4. Yay!
    Here's my beloved Emmy:
  5. This might sound a daft question but is the alana basically the same bag as the emmy without the side pockets and the double handles? Ie, is it the same basic size and shape?
  6. Hulahoop, I used to think exactly that but they're different. I've just taken this photo of the picture in my S/S07 Mulberry catalogue to show you the difference:


    The Alana is smaller, not just because of the absence of side pockets. The middle strap is narrower, too, and the single shoulder strap is attached to the sides of the bag which are higher than the Emmy which has flat sides. The single strap is different from the Emmy straps as well. (This is like those Spot the Difference things I used to do when I was a kid!)

    FYI the top bag is the Portobello which is very cute but I've not seen it IRL.
  7. How do I find out where mine was made? I cant seem to find anything written on the care card or tag about where it was made and inside there is the Mulberry logo and the metal part with the serial number but no where can I find a "made in" anyone know where to find it?
  8. Found it!
    The other thing, my zipper at the top doesnt have the M shaped stitching its just an almond or leaf shape. But I bought it in a huge department store here which only sells authentic so Im not sure why its different.
  9. hi is the Emmy easy to hold?? I have an Annie, which I adore, but after a car accident and a bad neck, I can only carry it for so long as it's sooo heavy. I do love the look of your Emmy bag, I presume you carry it as a grab bag, not shoulder??
  10. Emmy is a shoulder bag rather than a grab bag although you can carry it. I find the Alana more comfortable but that's because it's single strap. I just can't keep two straps on my shoulder. The Emmy is heavier than Alana - guess it depends on how much you carry to how much heavier it becomes. I can cart the Alana around all day but find the Emmy a bit heavy after a while.
  11. rachiem - the Emmy can be carried in the hand, crook of the arm or on the shoulder. I was initially put off it because I didn't think it would fit comfortably on the shoulder but it does. I have the straps crossed over the top so that they both stay on my shoulder as I tend to struggle with 2 strap bags, same as sarajane.

    It *is* heavy although I do tend to keep lots in it so that it keeps its shape. Otherwise, it collapses a bit.

    If you're looking for something lighter, some of the new Mulberry bags weigh less than the older, iconic bags. In particular, the bags in the nappa collection are probably very light. The leather is delicate but this should be secondary to your bad neck. I can't get onto the site at the moment but one of the bags (the Carnaby?) is a similar, boxy, shape to the Emmy. Cheaper, too :tup:
  12. thanks guys. Still undecided on what my 2nd purchase will be!!
  13. This is my beloved Emmy in Chalk/Oak.
    I bought it with a Mulberry "Pig & Whistle" keyring, which you can see in the pics. I really love this bag, it sure is a eyecatcher with it's unusual shape and lovely details.


  14. Lovely Emmy, baglady. Really like the keyring, too. It's fun to personalise the Emmy a little bit - I've added an address tag keyring to mine. Not that you need to make the bag any heavier :rolleyes:
  15. this is a pretty color and love the hardware on this bag!