EXCELLENT customer service story to share

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  1. I bought a few pairs of Donald Pliner heels from Zappos last week. Two of which were the same styles but different colors (different dresses!!) anyway, I wore the silver ones and they were perfect, wore nicely etc...I wore the gold ones and the fabric pulled away from the shoe after 4 hours of wear!! I was so upset! I called them today and explained the situation and they did not question me at all. Had a new pair sent out over night right away...GREAT customer service!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Thats good to hear! I always find that Zappos always follows through on my questions and shoe size requests.
  3. I think Donald J Pliner shoes are quite nice. I have several pairs, they range in price...from $200 to $600...so I was surprised I had any problems at all...anyway as I said..first and foremost..Zappos ROCKS!!!
  4. that's nice to hear, a reccomendation like that i would consider shopping from
  5. That's good to hear! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Zappos has great customer service! I really love them. Hehe.
  7. Yeah....after looking at my account and knowing I have spent literally thousands with this company its nice to know they are helpful and kind. The couture collection is worth my time and the customer service makes it even better. I almost ordered the same sandals as stated above from Saks and Im more then sure I would never have had that kind of help.
  8. Love Donald J. Pliner shoes and Love Zappos.:yes:
  9. That's very nice of them. I love Zappos and their better-than-great customer service.