Excellent customer service at MJ store

  1. I reside in NC and rely on the internet and MJ stores for the "bag fix" which I often need. I'm still hooked on the past-season bags with nickel hardware, and decided yesterday that life won't be the same unless I obtain a large satchel in black and a large multi-pocket hobo in washed rose. Both must have nickel hardware, of course. I called several MJ stores, and surprise, surprise, no one has it anymore. BUT--Kay at the Las Vegas store said that she would check the warehouse (!!) where past season bags may still be attainable. I was really impressed by her willingness to try to find these bags for me. Wish me luck on my search!!
  2. did she find them for you?
  3. Bag-addict, I must second your satisfaction with customer service at MJ stores. I recently purchased the Deborah bag from Maria at the Bal Habour, FL store over the phone (a must because I live in the "MJ dry" area of Charleston, SC). I expected a snobbish attitude, but she had absolutely none of that! She was just a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.

    Oh, and luck with your search!
  4. I must agree, MJ stores have superior customer service! Good luck with your search!
  5. I should know by the end of the week whether this mysterious and wonderful MJ warehouse has my two bags, but I think that since I've been volunteering a lot lately that good karma is coming my way. What I would give to get a chance to prowl through that place!!
  6. Agree, I have similar expense in MJ SF store with Joann, she is willing to search the warehouse to locate the Mink Fur Kisslock Clutch for me...however, it's $2,500 and is too much for me....and she called me back and offered 30% off....it's still kind of expensive but I really appreiciate her time and follow ups.
  7. It's refreshing to hear about employees willing to make extra effort for customers. We're so used to minimal service that it's noticeable when they really try. Good luck!! I've never been in a Marc Jacobs store--either I've bought in NM, Zappo's or eBay.
  8. Good luck on your search and hope you can get some discount on them too :graucho:
  9. Actually, the MJ Boutiques don't discount bags from prior seasons. :sad:
  10. that awesome service. didn't know they can offer discounts too....
  11. no one offered to look in the warehouse for my olive ZC? :crybaby: lol
  12. Call the Las Vegas store and ask for Kay. Betcha she will come through for you!
  13. I am from North Carolina as well. I'm new to the board. I've been to the MJ store out in Vegas and they had wonderful customer service. I also went to an Yves St. Laurent store while I was there....service was the exact opposite of the service I received in the MJ store.
  14. Amazing that she offered you a discount! How did you fenagle that?
  15. Yeh, I am really surprised when she called and offered the discount too...
    I got the Chain Pouchette from her a few days prior, maybe that's related...not sure...