Exasperated at NM service

  1. Just need to vent my absolute horror at the level of service that NM offers.
    I understand that their bags are on sale, but this does not mean that the level of service should be any less than what is expected of such a big company.

    I first ordered the Tan Pocket Paddington Satchel. After some time, i find out by checking online that my order has been cancelled, with their online representative (via chat) telling me that it is a bank authorization problem. Although i find this very strange, i choose to ignore it and forget the fact that i had lost a bag i really wanted---it was already out of stock of course! I thought maybe they were having difficulty due to my bank being DUBAI based.

    I try again,with a different card and this time i order the Silverado Hobo. Same story again. "Difficulty with bank authorization, please contact your bank"---thats what i was told. In the meantime, i had a word with my bank and they tell me that they have already given authorization for both purchases, which is what i expected anyway as i have ordered several times from US based online sites never had a problem. I lose the bag again, with apologies and promises of 15% discount on my next handbag purchase. This time,they request me to use a US issued card.

    Again, i give it a go, this time requesting my aunt to make an order for me using her credit card (she lives in NY and has a US issued card). I order the Tracy in ivory. Today, as i check online through chat, it is again the same story. We are sorry,we cancelled your order...it is standard procedure for the buyer to first contact his/her bank to authorize the amount being taken. My aunt bought the medium rouge paddy on the AR sale and the bag is now safely in her hands, the transaction was completed without a glitch. At NM, for the third time in a row, I again lose a bag due to credit verification problems, which to me means they are still able to sell it at a higher price in BG. It is in stock at BG and unavailable at NM.

    Is this how NM usually treats its customers? This was my first ever experience with NM and I am still shocked at all the apologies that went nowhere.

    Am sorry for venting, I just really had to share this....
  2. Sorry to hear this happening to you...you'll find your bag!!!

    Don't give up yet...I ordered from NM.com 4 times this past month, and I didn't have any problems with it. The only one I had was the very latest one, where I provided the wrong billing address, and they had me call them twice to fix and verify it. Other than that, their stuff always comes nicely packed and pretty on time.

    I hope your next experience with them is better!!!
  3. yes,i hope so too!maybe its just a sign for me to enjoy my rouge paddy first before getting another bag that will take away some of the attention i should be giving to my brand new baby!:yes:
  4. I've had problems with NM as well. Only it wasn't with banking issues per say. It was with a bag I bought for a little over $1,800 and when I received it, it was totally used and in filthy condition. Also, before that incident, I returned a bag I didn't like, I overnighted it to them and paid the extra money and it took them over 36 days to refund my money. I had the hassle of having to call my credit card company to ask for a conditional credit. Such a hassle!!! So I totally sympathize with you. After 3 times, they'd be out in my book!!!
  5. I'm going thru what will hopefully NOT be a costly problem with NM: I ordered my red classic Edith satchel online along with a black Edith messenger (it was by mistake - I'd already gotten it in a previous order, didn't like it and returned it at an NM Store). When the package arrived, I received just the red satchel and a box of Manolo Blahnik note paper and a pen. I called NM to tell them that I didn't order the Manolo stuff and they must have made a mistake because I didn't get the black messenger. :confused1:

    Well! It turned out that the Manolo stuff was a free "gift with purchase" and that according to their computer NM DID mail out a black messenger! I PANICKED LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE! I told them that the messenger either never made it into the package or perhaps their order system saw that I had ordered one previously so they didn't send it a second time, or worse it was stolen either by an employee of NM or UPS or someone at the nearby mom & pop package ship store (where I have all my packages delivered)! :cursing:

    The NM rep was VERY nice and reassured me she's get to the bottom of this. I even told her I'd be glad to file a police report and do whatever's necessary because I DID NOT get that bag and I refuse to pay for it (actually they already charged me, I wanted a refund). Good god - it was $813! :wtf:

    Well, I called yesterday and the very nice and reassuring NM rep said that they will just mark it off as "lost parcel" and refund my charge card. But I have to call today to give them exactly 7 days for the black messenger to turn up, which is hasn't. :confused1:

    Wish me luck!!! And needless to say, I am NO longer using that mom & pop shipping place, even tho it was convenient, they charged me $2 per package and most of all it was a great "cover" for my bag obsession... arrrggghhh!!!:cursing:
  6. I'm having that problem right now with a bag I returned over 2 weeks ago that looked like hell warmed over. :tdown: Clearly someone had worn it awhile then returned it. Anyway, I paid for the shipping and insurance, and they have yet to process anything because the SA said they (Irving warehouse) where behind and are yet processing returns from last month. :rolleyes: They owe me over $1500 credit. I gave her the tracking number and the person's name who signed for the return. At least they know it was delivered to them over a week and a half ago. The NM representative was really nice though. She suggested I get an immediate conditional credit if I needed my account credited right away.

    I'll think twice about ordering from them again. Saks has been much much better for my orders. Most of my deals are from them anyway.