Examples of fake CHANEL bags for sale online

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Mar 23, 2008
I have been doing a lot of research to make myself familiar and to be able to identify authentic CHANEL and vintage CHANEL bags on sites like portero.com, malleries.com, yogiscloset.com, fashionphile.com, eBay, etc. I know many sites guarantee authenticity and you can post items for sale on tPF to be authenticated by the tPF community. So that is all I have been seeing.

But since I have obviously not been looking for fake bags (as no one should ever! grrrrr, fakes annoy me sooo much...anyways) I would like to see an example of a fake bag being sold online. Potentially on eBay since all those other sites mentioned above guarantee authenticity.

So if you have recently seen a bag for sale on eBay or elsewhere that is a fake (prefer a well made fake, but any is fine) can you please reply with the link and/or photos?

I am just interested to see these fake bags and how you can tell they are fake. Or how they are so close to the real thing.

I feel I know enough to prevent myself from ever being mislead, but I always believe its best in life to familiarize yourself with both sides of any situation.

Not open for further replies.