Example of a Dog First Aid Kit

  1. I'm sure plenty of people have one of these set up, but just in case, I thought I might share the contents of my newly assembled doggie first aid kit! I gathered info from several sites, my vet, and from a holistic dog store owner to put together a kit that reflected several possibilities for doggie healing.

    I've been meaning to do it for a while, but just now was able to take the time to really be thorough about it. Plus, since my babies are going on vacation with me come August, I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared. I hope this helps anyone looking to do something similar!

    All contents are in a water-proof box, labeled. I also prepared a portable kit, one that can be taken with me in my purse. I'll list the contents of both. As a warning, be sure to check with a vet before administering any of these, unless you're fairly knowledgeable about what to do in the situation already.

    Primary Kit:

    -Quick Guide to Animal Emergencies: This is one nifty thing! It is a guide to dog/cat emergencies. It gives directions as to what to do in case of choking, poisoning, broken bones, bleeding, bites/stings, etc. I think it's indispensable!

    Part of this includes spaces for numbers for all local animal emergency professionals. I have two right now; one for at home, with all of my local emergency numbers, and one for my travel, specifically where I'm going the end of this summer, with the numbers to all the local animal emergency/poison control, etc. places close to the house I'm staying in. This is feasible, because they are pretty inexpensive (around $3 each!)

    -Hydrogen Peroxide: used to get a dog to throw up anything it may have swallowed that was hazardous/poisonous.
    -Benadryl: For allergies; one of my Chi's gets spring allergies, so I keep it on hand. I use liquid, which was recommended to me by a vet that worried about dogs getting the correct dose because of pills being a pain to get them to consume. Liquid is a low strength child's version. Pills are fine too, I believe under 25mg. Consult vet before hand, though!!
    -Canine Sunscreen: There are several brands, but I use a UVA/UVB SPF 15 version.
    -Biocaine: Antiseptic First Aid Lotion, to treat minor cuts/burns/abrasions, etc.
    -Styptic Powder: A must if you cut your own dog's toe nails. Stops bleeding.
    -Dog aspirin: It's good to have on hand, but you need to ask your vet before you use it.
    -Triple Antibiotic Ointment: Just in case
    -Rubbing alcohol
    -Self-adhering bandage tape
    -Gauze/Surgical Dressing
    -Pair of scissors
    -Medical adhesive tape
    -Cotton balls
    -Syringe, no needle:
    for easy administering of liquid
    -Pet records, or copies of them. Rabies, vaccinations, etc.
    -Band-aids (in case human cuts his/herself while working with pup)
    -Eyewash solution

    These are the additional items I keep by my own choice:

    -Nelson's Cut & Scrapes Cream: Holistic cream, just in case!
    -Nelson's Burns Cream: Another Holistic, just to have on hand.
    -Nelson's Cuts and Sores Cream: ""
    -Nelson's Antiseptic Cream: ""
    -Dog toothpaste/toothbrush
    -Human hand sanitizer
    -Two extra pee-pee pads
    -Any prescriptions necessary. I keep the girls' leftover pain killers in there, because you just never know.
    -Small bag of their kibble
    -Small bag of treats

    Portable Kit (this one created for the beach):

    -Dog Sunscreen
    -Hydrogen Peroxide
    -Styptic powder
    -Burn cream
    -Small pack Q-tips/cotton balls
    -Small box with bit of gauze, tape, etc.

    I'm probably too anal about it, and you probably don't need a lot of it, but I feel it's best to be prepared! :yes:

    If you make a kit anything like this, be sure to check the dates of all the liquids/creams and such every year, because things will go out of date, especially stuff like Hydrogen Peroxide.
  2. Wow, you are prepared, and what an idea for a business, pre-made first aid kits for animals.
    Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks for posting. I have been wanting to put one together but didn't know what I needed. Where did you get the "quick guide" at??
  4. Neeya--I have been meaning to do this! Thanks for the reminder :smile:
  5. Thanks for posting!! I don't have one, but I think I shall make one now.
  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Hello! Don't mean to hijack your thread Neeya but I thought I might add a few??? Hope that's okay. You sound like a great mom!

    1. Doggie aspirin is Buffered aspirin for people
    2. When using a bandage of anykind, especially the self-sticking (like Vet-wrap commonly used on horses) use LIGHT colored ones. Dark ones can disguise blood (the pup's wound could start bleeding again & you might not notice).
    3. Also for the scissors, maybe bandage scissors as they have no sharp point & can be manuevered quickly around the animal w/o fear of hurting him.

    Thanks for posting Neeya! And I really didn't mean to step on your toes...:shame:
  8. Neeya and MassLaw thanks for the posts. This is great info for all of us pet lovers!!
  9. lol that's okay, I was going to put bandage scissors but a lot of people probably wouldn't be as willing to purchase them. I have them on hand because my Mum manages a health department, lucky me! Great additional suggestions! :yes: