Examining the enemy/Fake Vuitton Autopsy

  1. Hey guys this really goes to show you I have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon :/ I was in NYC this morning and was downtown by the WTC to show my respect towards lost friends and this guy tried selling me this wallet. I was like no, "than he said 1 dollar" I was like ok and as soon as I got home I took these pics just to show you guys how crappy this stuff is. I took detailed pics of the examination.

    FAKE 003.jpg
    Cutting through cardboard

    FAKE 001.jpg
    The whole thing was cardboard

    FAKE 007.jpg
    WOW! look at that craftsmanship!

    FAKE 008.jpg

    FAKE 009.jpg
    The last pic says it all!
  2. Ugh - at least you destroyed one of those horrible horrible things! Cardboard and vinyl, of course, they're disgusting.

    Thanks for the picts of taking it apart - that's the only way I want to see a fake.
  3. Cardboard... wow.. good thing you only paid a dollar... you still got robbed though :roflmfao:
  4. well for one dollar I wouldn't be expecting very much
  5. I know right but I was like this would be a fun thread for TPF!
  6. He started off at 45 HAHAHA, than when I said no he jumped down to a dollar
  7. Cardboard.:rolleyes:
  8. Oh my gosh! Look at the crappiness!

    I love the idea though, of cutting one of those horrendous things to pieces and posting the pics ;)

  9. Whaaaa, started off at 45 dollars?! And then jumped down to one?!
    That's hilarious.
  10. so you bought it for $1 how much did he pay!!

    did you have fun cutting it up?
  11. you know wut I did have fun it was worth the dollar!
  12. Its just sad because there are all these guys walking around with boxes covered with tarp, RIGHT NEXT TO GROUND ZERO!! Its so wrong!
  13. Can someone cut up an authentic wallet so that I may compare?

    *Just kidding
  14. That's so tactless! Horrible :amazed:

  15. :roflmfao: oh man your killing me!!