Exactly how LE IS LE?? Will you still buy them?


Do you trust it's the real LE, or just version 1?

  1. I'd get it ASAP @ first chance!

  2. I'll wait to see if re launch have better deals....

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  1. I caught the LV bug Oct of 06, and have bite the bullet many times b/c an item is 'LE'. But lately I realized LE is not Limited Edition, but rather 'Let's see the market response Edition'. Maybe it's my luck, but some of my so call LE pieces creeps up again in different size/shape such as Miroir, Vernis heart, Mono Sophie (rivet pochette & EVA), Panda (Moka), Mahina XL/XXL (not XS is coming out, give me a break!:hysteric:)as well as those 'Discontinued' colors of Inclusion-Black, parme (uber similar to rose).

    I'm sure it's great news for people who missed out the first time and didn't Ebayed. But I must confess the :devil: side of me is :censor: at how LV's constant relaunch made my pieces not so special, dropped the market value:crybaby: And the LEs I dream of relaunch never get to come back-Ivory Stephen, Peppermint Vernis, Glace, Matt. Darn it!

    Will LV's new attitude of LE make you think twice about collecting new LE pieces? I Do.
  2. I am thinking twice about the water color speedy 30....they better not come out w/a black one in F/W!!
  3. That's a bit of a stretch. The MOCA bags don't have a Panda on them, they're just Murakami- it's like saying LV devalued the panda by releasing the cerise. The newer miroir pieces are pretty minor and totally different models from the original release. As for the inclusions, LV never labeled any of the colors LE. Just because LV discontinues something doesn't mean they can never bring it (or something similar to it) back.

    Now if LV brought back something they did say was LE like the miroir speedy or monogram velours, it'd be a different story.
  4. ^ good point ValleyO! :yes:

    IMO LE means it's unique shape-Vernis :heart:, or material-Miroir, KWIM?
  5. As long as they don't relaunch the exact same pieces, I'm ok with it. The re-release of the black Inclusion made me mad because as we knew it, it was supposed to have multicolored stones, not copper and clear like the old black did. The only way I can tell that my black ring is not like the new one is because it doesn't have the LVs in it....as for the black PM bangle, it looks exactly the same. I'm just glad I paid UNDER retail second-hand for it and not over retail.
    And the Parme (Violette, I guess is what it sort of goes with in the Vernis line), looks too much like the Rose..the only thing I'd consider in that color would be the Speedy keyring. I'm just glad the old Rose PM (and the ring since it's a bit darker) doesn't look like the new Parme PM.

    If they were going to "relaunch" any Inclusion colors, I'd appreciate them making a white bangle and ring instead of switching it over to Transparent the way they did.
  6. I honestly don't mind, as long as its not the same piece... and if it was then at least a different color (like the millionaire glasses) yes they made black AGAIN but had 2 new colors also.
  7. Yeah I always wondered about how LE is LE....
  8. I try to get LE Asap.
  9. I tend to shy away from LE's as it is...it puts too much pressure on my bank account, lol! But I would love to see the Mahina XS. I was in the Hollywood & Highland store yesterday, and the SA Karan told me that the Mahina XL/XXL is permanent, but they're keeping it "LE" by switching the colors. She said it will come out again, but not in Noir and Gris like it did before. I don't know if that's true at all, though....
  10. It's doesn't bother me. I just get what I like!
  11. Doesn't bother me either. I buy the pieces I like regardless. I guess it would help with planning (get something now instead of waiting a few months b/c it might be LE).
  12. i don't really care LOL
    i buy what i like and within my price range whether it's LE or not