Exact mirror image from eBay and I can't tell!

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  1. I bought a Panda Cles (yay, finally got it after whining about it for months) and my friend had found a fake one on eBay for 12.99...well, I saw it yesterday and I can not tell a bit of difference between mine and hers! It is the same size, same color, same font, same weight, everything is exactly the same! She had originally told me about it because I was complaining about having a hard time finding one (but thanks to you guys and 866-vuitton I got one) and she thought she had the deal of a lifetime from eBay. She thought it was so cute (and she doesn't know a thing about designer bags or accessories and couldn't care less) so she bought it for herself. I explained it was fake and blah blah blah so when I took mine to show her, I almost dropped dead. How do you think that an LV store could even tell with this sort of thing? I wanted to take a pic but didn't have a camera. Now I am looking at ones I've seen listed on eBay and wonder if any of them is real (except the ones form the sellers I know sell authentic). Oh, this person also offered her the Fortune keychain for 12.99 stating it is also an exact duplicate and I've recently seen those popping up on eBay too. Hmmmmm
  2. Oooh I have seen those up front too!!! I have 2 that I bought from eluxury waaay back when they were available. My coworker bought one off an internet website that offers mirror image quality stuff (yuke!!). Hers looks just like mine! Even the same font for the date code. The "O" was even a perfect circle. She paid $17 for hers.

    I think the LV managers can tell the type of leather. The stuff used on fakes is NO WAY near the stuff on the real deal. Ours will last a lifetime where the fakes will fall apart in a couple of years. Pisses me off though, we pay good money for ours and some people pay way less to look like ours. An untrained eye cant tell the difference. Just irks me.
  3. the box is not bad, it's the epi box. The first box LV made. I know a lot of fake comes in this box but this one is real.
  4. thanks for the info...
    in effect it would be strange that an Alva seller is selling fake:upsidedown:

  5. That auction is for a real LV NOT fake!!
  6. I'm gonna post pics of my fake cherry blossom that I returned. It was scary good.
  7. Oh, I am sorry, I assumed (bad bad thing to do) because of the box and price...sorry! I was trying to make a point but guess that wasn't a good idea! Again sorry to the real one!
  8. they way you can usually tell is that the circular grommet on the authentics are engraved with the LV initials whereas the fakes are engraved with "LOUIS VUITTON"
  9. yep, have a few of these boxes, I miss them.....
  10. ahhh so those are older boxes and not fake boxes?

    Just curious because I've seen a few auctions with those boxes...and always wondered.
  11. Yes, those are the old style boxes.
  12. I love those classic EPI boxes, so LV and so durable. The faker continue to copy these boxes, but if you look very close at the fake one you can see they are not the real one.