exact JPG birkin dimensions- Pretty Please

  1. I have searched and searched so many threads and I cannot find it.:cursing:

    Could someone send me the exact measurements of the shoulder birkin. I know it is 42 cm long, but I also want to know how wide the base is and what the height is

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi there, the bag is 42cm/ 16.5" long, 18 cm/ 7.5" high and 21 cm or 8.5" deep. I hope this helps.:smile:
  3. Thank you thank you thank you

    I knew that someone in the JPG world could help me out:dothewave:
  4. My pleasure.:heart:
  5. That means it is wider than it is high?
  6. Yes, it is. I know it sounds weird but somehow it works.
  7. Thanks H,

    I bought and LV Ursula a couple of months ago and the dimensions are almost the exact same. The size of the Ursula works great for me and since I have put in an SO for a JPG , I am more excited now than ever
  8. Oh, how exciting!!! CONGRATS!!! What color are you getting?!:nuts:
  9. I figured since I have gotten orange (birkin), red (kelly) and green (ostrich birkin) it was time to venture out so I have opted for a neutral in a shoulder bag. I hope my order goes through for a Gold togo JPG with PH
  10. ^^^ FABULOUS color/hw combo!:love: I hope you get it real soon! Good luck!
  11. That was the color combo I was going to order. The manager from the boutique I shop left Wednesday for podium so I had to make a quick decision on Tuesday.
    I decided on Noisette, Clemence, Palladium for one JPG and Blue Jean, Clemence, Palladium for the other JPG.
    If my orders are accepted, then I will order RougeVif, Clemence, Palladium @ the January 2008 Podium.
    Did your SA give you an idea when you would know if your order was accepted?
  12. Congrats! Hope you receive your JPG shoulder birkin anytime between March and July 2008!

    Usually, no news is good news. :yes:
  13. Oh that would be great!!! I know the Birkin I ordered, if accepted, will be 2 to 3 years according to my SA.

    Thanks MrsS :heart:for the info - I now have an idea of what to expect, since this is my first SO with Hermes.
  14. PennyD2911, congrats! I'm sure it will come pretty soon.
  15. Thanks Queenie!!! I sure hope so I am not that great at waiting.....:nogood: but with Hermes I am sure I will learn to wait. That will actually be part of the excitement for me.
    I love your H bag -- the color-- beautiful!