Exact Gucci sales date in Amsterdam??

  1. HI all, I am desperately trying to figure out what the first sales date is in Amsterdam... I did call the store but the SA does not know the exact date. (wondering if she is telling me the truth as she was hesitating to answer my question) :confused1:

    Can somebody pls post this on this forum??

  2. She knows...:smile:
    I don't know the exact date, but june is most likely that they have sale. I think it already started!
    I'm saving up for another bag, so this season no Gucci's for me, but let us know what you find out!!
  3. IF u look in the GUCCI SALE Thread..u may find info there.
  4. I am sure it's around 15th... I could not find any info on european sale at "Gucci sales" thread :tdown:.
    Gucci amsterdam also got pre-sale: it's called VIP sales night. The day before they start sales, a selection of the 50 best customers will be invited so they got the first choice. These customers will receive a call for this VIP night and will be put on their guest list.

    So I guess it 'll be end of this week of next week for sure!! I was wondering if the online items on the dutch gucci site will be on sale too?