Ex-teacher gets 5-year prison term for student sex

  1. http://www.boston.com/news/education/2012/08/17/teacher-gets-year-prison-term-for-student-sex/SARvjgg8JmmdqUiaylIlQK/story.html

  2. While I definitely think her actions were inappropriate and that she deserves punishment, I don't know that I agree with a 5 year prison sentence. Will they make her serve all 5 years, I wonder?
  3. I didn't know it was actually illegal to have sex with your students if they were of age. Is it illegal for college professors too?
  4. I didn't either. It may only be in Texas?
  5. i think what she did was gross, but if they were all 18+, then what law did she break? is there a law that teachers can't date or have sex with students?
    I think it's morally very wrong, but i thought 18 was the age of legal consent.
    if no one was underage, and she has a husband and kids, then i think 5 yrs is excessive.
  6. Since they were over 18 I don't really see why she is in prison? If she were in any other type of line of work there would have been no problem.

    It does overstep the teacher-student boundary, though..
  7. Would people feel differently if it were a male teacher having sex w/ his HS students I wonder?

    This seems prevalent, it's gross. It happened in the HS I went to as well - not in TX ;) lol!
  8. From the article:
    There are similar laws in other states that bar relations between people in leadership roles and their subordinates including teachers, coaches, counselors, scout leaders, etc. Some of these laws were enacted because the age of consent in some states is 16.

    There does seem to be a double standard. Teen boys who do their hot teacher are cheered on while teen girls who get involved with male teachers are called derogatory names.

    The adult leaders get placed into different categories also.
  9. Even if the gender of the teacher were reversed (whether or not the gender of the students are) I would disapprove, but I don't think it is worth FIVE years jail time when the students are 18. I think five years is excessive, assuming they make her serve all her years.
  10. I agree that the teacher/student boundary creates an imbalance of power and therefore laws prohibiting sex between teachers and students are appropriate, IMO. I think that sex between university professors and students ought to be prohibited, too, but only for as long as one individual is his/her student. Sex could esily get in the way of impartial assessment of grading, IMO.

    I am not sure that 5 years is excessive, though. In most of these cases, the sentencing is to send a message to other teachers (not that it does much good, given how often these cases occur).