Ex-husbands, head shrinkers and desert islands....

  1. So, you put them all together and what do you get? BLISS I tell ya! I will spare you the fantasy world that I've been in the past few days, but girls....from my warped mind to God's ear....just sayin'.... :shame:

    But the whole desert island thing got me thinking about all kinds of things. Like what if I were stranded on a desert island (SANS head shrinkers!)....what would I want with me? Forget the obvious, a biplane or some other means of escape. A bi-plane?? Where did THAT come from? I DO realize that it's 2007! :p

    But lets just say that for some INSANE reason a handbag was of the utmost importance to you while stranded (hey....some conglomerate could come in and build a NM while you're asleep!). Which ONE would you want with you?? Right here we've lost Jburgh as her head just exploded from the stress of trying to choose just one. ;)

    I'll start. I would want a Ring bag, desert island says tropical to me :beach: so I guess I would go with the burgundy....but INSIDE that bag I would want my blue wet look Riki! Oh shut up! I thought of this game...I can make the rules up as I go along! :wlae:

    No, my answer would be a Ring bag (even though I am a HUGE fan of the Riki). Well, until I see the navy blue Alex on Dec. 3rd, then my choice may change. But for now....a Ring. Who's next? :search:
  2. What is it about the Ring that you like? Don't kill me...I'm new to Choo and must be educated, but it looks a little weird. Kind of a little too long and not wide enough? Maybe it's just the pictures. I feel like I'd be digging around my whole arm's length to find anything. Is that a totally wrong impression? I do like the little side pockets. But, are they big enough to fit everything into? Anyway, to answer your question, just from pure pictures, I'd go with the Mahala. I've wanted one forever and have one pending it's arrival...so I'll go with that! But I'm guessing there's really no wrong answer with a Choo!
  3. I think I would want my Maddy. One thing I like about that bag is it has a structured bottom so it doesn't just colapse(sp?) flat. When you need to get something out you can see all your stuff inside.
  4. The very thing that is keeping you from liking the Ring via photos is the very thing that kept me from considering it for the longest time as well. It DOES look weird in photos....very long and narrow. But it's NOT! I don't really understand how that works...physics or something. And then when JM was describing her Maddy, that is true of the Ring as well....the bottom is wider and structured. Nothing gets lost in it!

    Miss Robyn now has my dream ensemble. The CUTEST matching shoes for the burgundy Ring bag (which she also has). So my advice would be don't take my advice, Robyn has carried the Ring much longer than I, so I would absolutely take her advice regarding the Ring/Ramona/Riki....hmmm....well, she is a bit biased about the Riki. But I do know she took her Ring out and about quite a bit and loved it!
  5. Stinker - I was able to come to a decision instantly: The Radiant. It is not as pretty as the python Mahala, but I have to think of utility. While I am thinking of utility, i'll change to the Ring because I can wear it cross-body if need be, while I'm gathering coconuts. :nuts:
  6. I own only one JC bag, so I guess I don't have much of a choice :shrugs:... my fabulous Burgundy Ramona. It actually might be big enough, and with the double handles, to parachute me off a cliff, so quite practical as well.

    Got Casey's email about the sales today... gotta go check out jc.com to see who is these crazy guys are (Troy, Ayse, etc.)
  7. bonniec - you have a point about the parachuting, lol.
  8. Hmmmm...If I just wanted to have fun and look cute doing it I'd chose my new shimmer Mave. I love it to pieces! But, it's totally impractical for the deserted island lifestyle. I couldn't fit one single coconut in it. So either I'd have to spend all day shaving coconut to fit in my cute bag or go with my Keeya tote. It's roomy and handy, and the blue metallic goes well with the island colour scheme. :biggrin:

    P.S. I hope this is a tropical deserted island because I don't think I have the right bag for a wintery island. But I do have the boots! Hmmm.....:girlsigh:
  9. You know this is interesting. Because so far if you all happened to be stranded together, it would go something like this. Apparently Jburgh would be doing all the work gathering coconuts while Bonnie was attempting her own escape while Bella was just sittin' around lookin' cute! :roflmfao:
  10. And I have to say, this is indeed a shocker! I think I thought you would have gone with a Ramona or a Mahala! :tup:
  11. I'll take along the Jungle Mahala - good for carrying coconuts AND scaring away other snakes. I'll just lay on the sand, my head in the Mahala, and hiss. Wont' burn my face that way either. You know what, they could make a survival tv series about us, sponsored by JC.
  12. Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute. Just because I'm gassy and pregnant doesn't mean I can't sit around and look cute too.:shrugs:

    OK, I'm clear with the sales. No Mahalas/Malenas...
  13. Could we also take a pair of Choo shoes, stinkerbelle? I'd take some stiletto heels along. I can't wear them, but they would come in handy for spear fishing and opening oysters...we all gotta eat!
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I just came back to this thread and got a great chuckle! I'm with you Stinker, there is not a good place for ex husbands, but I am fortunate, mine lives over 1500 miles away the last time I checked (which was in 1990) anyway, I would say if I were to be stranded on a desert island and could only bring 1 Jimmy Choo Bag, it would be......

    The XL Ramona :biguns:

    Now, I am sure you are all wondering why I would choose that GINORMAS bag???
    Well, you see I can stick the Burgundy Ring bag inside the Slick Red Riki which would fit inside the Jungle Python Mahala, which if I do it just right, I could slide my Jungle Mahala inside the Liquid Patent Mahala, which should fit inside the Black Patent Ramona and the B.P. Ramona would definitely fit inside the XL RAMONA:yahoo:

    AND... I could probably throw in the Kat shoes to help spear fish and open oysters:tup:

    Then while Jburgh & Polaremil are gathering coconuts, scaring snakes & cracking open oysters and bonnie is using her gas to escape the island and bella is having fun and looking cute Stinker and I could figure out ways to get rid of those Ex husbands:death:
  15. ^ I have been in such a funk, but reading your post just made ne laugh harder than I have in DAYS! Thank you!! :heart::roflmfao::roflmfao::heart: