Ex husband listed on buyers address refusing to hand over item USPS signed for too!

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  1. I sold an item to a buyer that lives in an apartment complex.
    She pays 3 days after auction ends with PayPal
    Because she lives in apartment complex, I add Signature Confirmation
    PayPal account is listed in her husband's name, however payment is in her name and verified.
    Item arrives 2 days later: Here's where the TROUBLE begins:
    I had NO IDEA this person was in the process of a divorce
    HER PayPal account/ address had her husband's name listed as the addresee
    Item forwarded to EX husband's new address
    Ex sister-in-law signs for it
    Buyer is threatening to report this to PayPal as not received!

    When she finally paid for this item, I shipped it immediately. (Many items I have sold had a husband's name on the account) Before she paid, I was skeptical due to her low feedback number, I googled her name and she still had her married name on her Facebook, so when I saw the same SURNAME, I didn't think anything of it. Now she is furious that I did NOT send this in her name, however, her PayPal account gave me the address in her HUSBAND"S name. I don't think I did anything wrong and really HOW was I supposed to know about the seperation?

    I have offered to call the husband and/or his family and plead her case, as it isn't right if they have this item, when she paid for it. Any and all advice on this mess is appreciated.
  2. My opinion:

    It's not your problem and it won't be since it was signed for.

    Stay out of it.
  3. Words of wisdom,no doubt. However, what if I receive the dreaded NEGATIVE false feedback from this? I did everything I possible could have with this!!!
  4. ^I agree. If you shipped to the confirmed address listed on Paypal, then you did nothing wrong. It's the buyer's responsibility to know if the correct address is listed on their account. If she didn't want the package going to her ex-husband, she should have changed the name/address on the account.

    And who knows... maybe she is using the ex-husband's account to go on a revenge spree.
  5. Oh my.... as long as you sent the item to the verified address and got a signature, you are fully covered by the seller protection. It's 100% her fault that she didn't update the address. She must have seen the old address on the payment page when she paid anyway. Her ex-in law signed for it. so leave it for her family to solve the problem.
  6. You upheld your end of the deal. There's nothing the buyer, eBay or paypal will do. It's her responsibility to get the address right. So what if you get a negative. You can respond to feedback. Don't sweat it. From the time you sent it out it's the buyers responsibility.
  7. i agree this is the buyers fault. sorry you have to deal with this.
  8. you're supposed to ship to the confirmed paypal address. if she didn't want it in her husband's name, she should have changed it before buying.

    it's her problem. let her report it, she won't win the claim. you delivered it to her confirmed paypal address.
  9. This is absolutely the buyer's problem - not yours.
  10. Is the husband's new address in the same city and have the same zip code?
  11. Send her the following or something like it:

    Dear Buyer:
    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your ex-husband. Please be assured that I sent the item to the address specified in paypal. Here is the link to the USPS tracking (insert link here). At this time I cannot do anything more to help you as this is apparently a family matter between you and your ex-husband. If you feel he has maliciously intercepted your mail, I suggest you report this to the US Postal Service or discuss it with your divorce attorney as appropriate.

    Thank you, and best wishes.

    Sincerely, Seller.

    That should be enough to let her know, in a businesslike way, that it is not your fault, and more importantly, not your problem.

    I'm sorry to say but the truth of ebay is you can always get a negative feedback no matter what you do, so it's probably better to just be as professional as possible and don't let feedback worries keep you up at night.

    This situation sounds very sticky, so do not get involved in any way, except to tell the buyer that you are not involved.

    Good luck.
  12. She can threaten to give you a negitive all you want but it's no longer your problem. I'm sure paypal and ebay would back you up on that too. Don't fret too much, it's her problem now.
  13. GREAT advice! Absolutely the way to go. You're not responsible.
  14. it's definitely not your fault OP you posted it to the verified address and now the ball is in her court.

    good luck :flowers:
  15. I'm sorry, and you should call paypal and confirm this but I know the seller will have no protection if the item is forwarded to a different address than the address listed on paypal. You should always note "DO NOT FORWARD" on the pakcage. I don't think it matters whether you have a sig confirm or not. I think paypal just recently added this term, but please do check with them.