1. Interesting what one can find when googling for an iPhone case.

    Beatrice Amblard... life after H...

    She worked on small leather goods and the Kelly for 14 years.


    Anyone in SF who can go check out the shop? =)
  2. Interesting.........
  3. One of my friends actually owns an April in Paris bag!! I saw photos of it (I live in NY and she's in SF so I haven't yet seen it in person) and it is STUNNING. The craftsmanship is honestly sooo similar in style to Hermes. I don't want to say too much and steal her thunder in case she feels like "outing herself" here (She's a member but doesn't post all that much)...but the bag is amazing.

    I feel oddly a tiny bit disloyal to H saying this, but I have to be honest.
  4. How interesting! Thanks for posting. I love the fact that she is making things by hand. Loved the photos of the shop with the tools and all the leathers in the background. Does anyone have any photos of her bags?
  5. There was another thread about this earlier in the year. If you do a search on April in Paris you'll find it.
  6. April in Paris sends me a catalog occasionally and their things are gorgeous. They even use stingray.
  7. I am pretty sure I read an article about her in Bazaar or Vogue when she was starting out...
  8. Why should you feel disloyal? I just don't get it, Hermès is never any better than their artisans so her stuff should in no way be inferior to what her former employer releases. Hermes is just the brand, the distributor of what their artisans make, and of course to a deciding what they'll make. However the artisan makes the product into a quality product, "hermès" could never do this.
  9. I have seriously considered having a bag made by April in Paris. Her bags are still in the thousands of dollars,but they are made by hand and to your desires.
  10. Oh no, please don't misunderstand what I was saying--as I said, I thought the bag was gorgeous and clearly beautifully crafted. I only feel a tiny bit disloyal to Hermes for appreciating her items because, well, I *can* see how her market segment might eat into that of Hermes if only in a small way. Maybe it's such a blip on their radar at the moment that they won't even acknowledge it though? That of course may change, as she's been getting a lot more press mentions lately. I really do wonder what H thinks of her doing this, especially given the fact that certain characteristics of her bags are so reminiscent of theirs...handle shape, types of leathers offered, colors offered, etc. I have a feeling they are not 100% supportive, but that's just a theory knowing "them". :p

    Regardless, if you want a beautifully made bag to your own specifications (H-quality diaper bag that fits the function totally, for instance), and without having to navigate any crazy SA-related maze of etiquette and tit for tat, then I think April in Paris is a huge winner and your best option outside of traveling to Paris for a bespoke Hermes bag. :tup:
  11. ^
    It'd be interesting to find out what hermes thinks of her. My first thought was that they'd have to be somewhat supportive, at least on the outside as I guess they parted on good terms. And after all, she is not hermes. She doesen't offer a lifestyle range of products. Hermes main income is from silk wares (unless my memory is totally failing me) and she's of no competition in that area anyways. Herbrandmay also just as well "die with her", as she's still only herself. Also, while being a competetor, she alsopromotes the same values in shopping that hermes (to a certain extent) also represent. This might contribute overall.

    They shouldn't give it much thought IMO.
  12. ^^She actually has at least one apprentice/ assistant. The bags are quite lovely- I've always wanted a St. George tote done in grey alligator :drool:
  13. I've lived near SF and never once did I go past her shop or even heard of her boo hoo.

    I like her website.....her logo is very cute on the green crocky belt.
  14. I am in SF and will try to get there before Christmas. I think she has a fabulous niche for custom bags.