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  1. So I ordered a laptop tote bag, not a very expensive item only 29.99 plus shipping its not real leather. Seller had several of them for sale. USPS left it out on our steps yesterday (it was over 100 here with the heat index yesterday) well I got home yesterday evening and brought it inside and just sat it on the counter and I thought I caught a whiff of something but didnt pay any attention to it. I went and changed clothes and was getting ready for bed etc, my husband comes in and says What is that smell in the kitchen? It stinks! I go down and by now I can smell something as soon as I walk in the kitchen and the closer I got to the box the more pronounced it became. At first I though maybe one of the neighborhood animals had decided to go potty on it but it didnt really smell like urine and the outside of the box was clean. So I open it. First thing I notice is all the little bits of shredded paper then I see little red bits of the bag material everywhere, and the stink is awful. I remove the tissue and stuff on top and the bag has little holes all over it. I take the bag out of the box and guess whats inside? DEAD MOUSE!

    I threw bag, box and all outside and went an immediately emailed the seller. Had an email from her this morning, she totally apologized and said that she has the bags in boxes out on shelves in her garage and when one sells she goes out finds the color and seals it up and sends it. She said they live in a duplex and the otherside was empty for about 6 months and it recently just sold and orkin came and sprayed a couple weeks ago and since then they have captured several mice in their house. She offered me a refund or a replacement, mouse free of course. I told her just to send the replacement. I think maybe the mouse was already dead when she sent it or it woulda just chewed outta the box in transit, if I had opened that bag and had a mouse jump out on me I'd probably have fallen over dead.
  2. Awww. I'm so sorry.

  3. OMG.. that is gross !

    At least the seller was quick to resolve. :-s But yikes, please check before sending !
  4. ZOMG ewww ewww ewww ewwwwww! I'm glad the seller is going to send a mouse-free replacement bag. I know some people carry a mouse in their laptop bags but......not that kind! :sick:
  5. Gross! That's an eBay first! Thank goodness the seller was understanding, but then again if she wasn't could you imagine seeing that negative feedback, lol!
  6. lol...sorry this happened to you.
  7. Oh that's so gross, sorry OP. Glad the seller is being nice about it but how did she not notice before she sealed it up? I'm not that observant myself but I mean, really...
  8. :wtf:
  9. I'm sorry this has happened... but I still think this is a little bit funny :smile: please forgive me ;)
  10. Do people not check over things before sending it out? I guess at least the seller is working with you but geez!
  11. Goodness me!! Thank god it was already dead! Sorry you had to go through all that. Lucky thing the seller is a nice seller. Hope the next bag is clean and new.
  12. :wtf: Oh my god!
  13. Sorry, but all I can think about is the poor little mousie............it HAD to have suffered. Poor little thing.
  14. Ewwwwwwwwwww indeed.
  15. l cant imagine anything worth, other than perhaps a rat.......How vile, at least the seller was ok, and you had no drama with her.
    But as someone said, check things before you send them surely:smile: