1. I went to the flea market yesterday and saw this:

  2. :yucky:
  3. ew totally agree! just awful!!!!!!
  4. WOOOOOWWWWW!!!! :throwup:
  5. :sick::mad:
  6. -gasp-!!! they're all wrinkled and just wrong
  7. hahaha! that's awesome.
    And by awesome, i mean terrible, but still it makes me laugh :smile:
  8. oh my.....they look so sad:sad:
  9. YIKES! :sick:
  10. Yuck, my ex sister in law used to buy bunches of those flea market bags. She told me she was "over" designer handbags. Uhhhh....so fakes are a good alternative?? Most of hers were c's but in colors that Coach never made.
  11. Love the plastic on the handles! Such a nice touch.....:okay:
  12. Eeek!!!!:yucky:
  13. Groceeeeee!!
  14. :tdown:
  15. ewww... is right.