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  1. Omg. Gross!:sick::sick:
  2. OMG. um. I bought that bag- it's BEAUTIFUL.

    jk. :-/ that is almost as bad as the Target Paddington.
  3. HAHAHHA...!! I KNEW IT.... i KNEW someone would point that out here someday!!! did u know that there's a balenciaga version too!??! SOMEBODY on the streets actually DARED asked me whether my balenciaga was ALDO's... !@#$%^&*(...:evil:

  4. why do you think i returned my balenciagas?? damn you ALDO damn you!!
  5. I posted that link in another thread.

    I was in Aldo's one day and saw that out of the corner of my eye and was like "that looks familiar," got a little closer and there was my first look at an "inspired" Spy. :sick:
  6. :sick::sick::sick: I don't even know where to start
  7. :lol: i dont know why im laughing! sorry :shame:
  8. There's a clothing shop over at Westside Pavillion in West LA that has a fake black Paddington in the window. I'm just amazed how close some of these companies can ripoff a design without getting slapped. I went into a shoe shop in BH today (can't remember the name, it was on Brighton) and they had a fake Spy out on display. At least it felt fake, felt like vinyl.
  9. :lol: the poor man's spy!
  10. Gross!!
  11. It's so weird how they can make bags that are like totally the same as a designer bag yet not get sued for it... But apparently for this kind of copyright they can change 5 minor things and it's their idea...
  12. That is utterly appalling!
  13. i've seen soooo many "inspired" spy bags around...

    the worst was red denim. seriously.
  14. its not as bad as having someone ask if your chloe was nine west's! :sad: