EWWWW!! Totally Disgusting!!!

  1. Ok, I'm just here to VENT! I was going to cook dinner earlier tonight but couldn't find my pot in the kitchen to cook the rissotto. So I asked my roommate if she had seen my pot, and she comes out of her bedroom with it and says she didn't use it, but she'd clean it anyway. So I look at her kinda confused about what she would be doing with a pot in her bedroom, and she told me she takes it in there when she's sick "just in case." So I'm like, "You use my kitchen pots to vomit in?!?!" :yucky: and she says, "Yes, but it's OK, I wash them with anti-bacterial soap. Don't worry, I do it all the time." WFT?? This is totally unsanitary and disgusting! The dishes aren't even hers! They are mine and I am nice enough to let her use them, and she vomits in them!!:censor: :rant: That is like, the most totally disgusting thing I've ever heard anyone do!! I had to leave the apartment after I heard that because I was sooo mad. But now I have calmed down, but still needed to vent on this forum. Thanks for reading!
  2. What ???that's very rude..
    Sorry that you have weird roomate..
  3. gag.....this makes me feel sick..LOL...ooh..nasty!!!!!
  4. um hasnt she heard of a plastic trash can! there cheaper to replace after a long horrible vomit filled night! sticky situation.. good luck :smile:
  5. OMG! And think if she doesn't wash it right or the antibacterialoap is not meant for dishes? GRRR!
  6. OMG! don't take this the wrong way but I started laughing so hard when I read this! sounds like a sitcom!
  7. and tomorrow when she asks for her toothbrush, just pull it out of your bathroom drawer and say you used it to get the lint out of your belly button...
  8. ^^:lol::lol::lol:
  9. :wtf: Girl! Out with the old roommate :throwup: and in with the new:angel: . OMG this is beyond disgusting!! You poor thing:shame:
  10. LOL ! Thanks bagnshoofetish! I needed the laugh :lol:
  11. Yuck! This girl obviously has no respect for your things.
  12. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
    WTH?!! I can't believe this, what's with people these days? They just don't respect other people's property! What makes her think it's okay to use YOUR pot to vomit in it? I don't get it, why can't she get herself a trashcan? Or even a paperbag? I'm so sorry to hear that this is happening to you ... If I were you, I would stop letting her use anything of yours AND ask her to buy you a NEW pot.
  13. um, and why exactly does she need to vomit all the time?

    nevermind, stupid question. That's just disgusting. I puke in toilets. I don't care if I had to tight-lip myself I run my butt of to the bathroom. I just can't puke in anything but a toilet. *shudders*

    but the toothbrush idea is a good one...hmm..
  14. That is seriously disgusting:throwup:
  15. In January I caught her using my mixing bowl to change her fish water! I told her then not to use my kitchen stuff for anything other than cooking and she agreed, so when I found out she was using my pots as a trash can I was pissed off! I ran to my boyfriend to cry to him about it and the sweetheart went out and bought me an entire new dishwear set! He is too good to me!! I did ask her to replace my pot and she agreed, but gave me attitude about it...