ewwww...inside of bags

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  1. I have been perusing eBay for LV's and it grosses me out how disgusting the interior of some people's bags get. What do people carry in their bag for it to get that gross? I don't baby my bags, but I do take care of them to some extent. The interior on my bags never gets stains and ickies like some of them I see on eBay. For example, I was looking for croissant bags today and one showed up in the search that was a particularly low price so I looked at it and it's clear why the price is so low. The bag is in good shape otherwise, but the interior is disgusting. (My apologies if this eBay listing is yours!! I don't mean to offend.) Also, there was a listing for the Sharon Stone Amfar bag (I don't know the real name of the bag) -- the interior had so many gross marks all over it. Even my knock around el cheapo bags never get dirty to this extent!

    What do some people carry in thier bags for them to get that dirty inside -- used diapers or food or something....ewwwwww! I can understand ballpoint pen stains or lipstick stains but for the love of Pete, some of the used bags look like the interiors been through h*ll and back! LOL!

    Ewww, ewww, ewww....that's all I've got to say!

    Actually, my oldest sister probably has this issue with her purses and bags. She buys one then overstuffs it with stuff till it's bulging at the seams then continues to use that one same handbag until it's ready to burst from over use! I don't know where she got this habit from because even my mom changes bags frequently (to match outfits and places -- one bag for daytime errands then she switches to a different bag if she's going out to dinner or someplace in the evening) -- I clearly got my habits from Mom but my sister apparently missed this lesson...lol!

    I see some of you mentioning repairs and stuff -- does LV replace interior linings at all? If so, what type of cost is associated with that? In the meantime I'm staying far, very far away from bags with el grosso interiors! Ick ick ick!! :yucky:
  2. i've wondered the same thing.
    I dont even understand the pen issue. I have a pen in my bag but i put it in my makeup case. In all the years i've carried a pen i've never had one explode.

    Otherwise i guess people just don't care.
  3. When I was a teenager and waited tables at a local shop I used to carry a bunch of pens in my bag and one leaked once, but it hasn't happened ever again! And the I keep my lipstick in a cosmetics pouch so there won't be any lippie mishaps either. I understand that some people aren't as careful but geesh, some of these bags have so many stains that I can't even imagine what caused them. *shudders at the thought* LOL
  4. Not everyone is as meticulous as you all. I have got to say I've never had a pen explode in my bag...knock on wood. But I'm not anal enough to keep things in side of seperate bags and just everything perfect. I buy the bag to use it. It's mine. If I want to dig inside of it to find everything I need that's my decision.

    At least if the interior is messed up, people are pricing accordingly. It's not like their hiding something. My loss is your gain. I'm sure there is some LV newbie out there that will be thrilled to get something that they may not have been able to afford otherwise.

    With that said, I don't baby my bags, but I also don't put them in harms way either. But I'm not overly upset by a few crumbs or dust at the bottom of the bag. Don't you clean the bag after you've bought it from someone else?
  5. Never had that issue... my bag are clean and I don't buy seconds.
  6. I cannot figure out why so many bags have pen stains in them.. that is so annoying.. and the food stains..yuck.. ugh.. :yucky:
  7. I never got my bags dirty like this too!! But maybe sometimes people just put soda inside the bag and the can exploded...? The inside got sticky and then the dirt gets worse.....
  8. Oh elongreach, I hope I didn't offend...I didn't mean to. I am completely understanding of general wear and tear from everyday use and fully expect some markings inside bags from general use such as you describe. It's just foreign to me how some get so excessively dirty -- I just can't envision how it happens. Although I take good care of my bags, I completely agree with you -- "I buy a bag to use it." Yesterday was my first day using my Drouot (a used/previously owned bag) and although the leather is in beautiful pristine condition, the first place it landed when I got into the car was the passenger seat where my 90 lb german shepherd usually sits -- she gets dirt and debris and hair in that seat, but my bag got tossed right in that spot. For a split second I thought oh no, it'll get dirty but that thought passed because like you say, it's meant to be used.

    I also agree it's nice that some people on tighter budgets have the option of buying an otherwise beautiful bag (heck, why do you think I was looking at these low priced bags!)

    Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't trying to be anal nor was I trying to offend anyone. I see nothing wrong with bags showing wear from normal everyday use. My comments, which weren't clearly stated, were really based on excessive spotting and staining caused by something more than what I would consider normal everyday wear and tear.

    I truly hope I didn't offend you -- that wasn't my intentions. I'm very sorry if I did though.
  9. divabeadz we cool. It's not that serious. Just playing devil's advocate. People do some crazy things with their bags. We all understand that around here.
  10. I don't think my darlin' elongreach was offended by you. I think she was just posing her own opinion. :yes:

    I use common sense where my bags are concerned. When you invest several hundred dollars into something, you treat it with care (at least most of us do). I HATE to see ink lines/marks in bags, so I carry pens with points that twist out, as it's highly unlikely that being tossed around with my wallet and other junk will cause the point to emerge and mark up the bag. I also have been known to keep my lip gloss tubes in a little plastic Ziploc snack size baggie.

    Now...there are some LV bags where unsightly wear is inevitable. For example, I love my cute Mini Noe but since the bottom is vachetta, it picks up dirt here and there. Nothing I can do about that. I called LV and they wouldn't install brass feet on it. :mad:
  11. I'm still fairly new here so I hate to think I may accidently offend someone. I'm glad I didn't. There's no smiley for: whew! LOL!

    I firmly believe a man (no offense to the men here -- yup here I go again!) designed the bags with vachetta bottom and no feet. :biggrin:
  12. I agree...I guess I'm a little anal when it comes to my belongings especially bags. I'm a little too meticulous with them and why wouldn't I be if I'm spending $100's on them? I don't understand how they get REALLY gross either-I can see the occasional pen mark here and there, maybe crumbs that can be brushed off, but those really icky stains!?! Ewww....I wouldn't buy a used bag unless it was almost perfect. I don't care how cheap they are. That's my humble opinion :smile:
  13. I still remember that hideous vacheta noe on ebay, lol!

    I'm not too paranoid over my bags, I don't get anything worse than crums on my bag and of course, I can dust themn out easily. Ddepending on the bag and the linit, I turn them inside out and clean with a damp cloth.

    If I have a cooler bag as a sheild then I'll carry my lunch in my bag. The way I see it, my bag is there to hold all my stuff :yes:

    Although, I have yet to by an LV, which will be my most expensive bag. I have been wondering if I would bring myself to carry a bottle of water in it. I think I'd be super-paranoid for a while, lol!
  14. my bags are all pretty good but i have one that's from not rational- one day at the outlets i bought some moose munch at the harry and david store. i opened the bag in the car and did not notice that i ripped it to shreds! when i did i closed it with a band and threw it in my bag- omg sticky almonds and chocolate covered popcorn all over! ew! i cleaned it up but that was a lesson learned for me. and would NEVER happen with an lv or one of my high end bags.
  15. ive totally wondered the same thing. I have definantely seen some nasty bags, since its such a high-end designer, you would expect people to take care of their LVs a little better huh? guess not! It really is gross, I could never buy a bag off ebay that looked as discusting as that!!