EWWWW! Gross!!!

  1. I just found this while doing a search on Hermes Bearn and I was mortified!! :wtf: And sickened! :throwup: Thanks for letting me vent! I had never seen this site before...:cursing: Apologies in advance if it was discussed...

    Yes, yes, I know there are tons o' fakes out there...but not having much experience with H accessories, if I saw these on eBay (listed by a 'reputable' seller), I wouldn't know the difference! I mean even the boxes are faked somewhat perfect. ACK!!
    Makes me want to do this to knockoff dealers... :boxing: and then...:ninja: and finally...:death:


    30cm Birkin 'real Ostrich':

    Confirms that from now that all leather H items need to come from Hermes or someone I really, really trust that has an H receipt! How sad. :sad:
  2. OMG, preppycowgirl. That is just sick :throwup:
    It seems that some people dont care that they are a obvious knock-off. Personally if I couldnt afford the real thing, I would rather go to Primark.
  3. Pretty sad isn't PC...:cursing:
  4. That ostrich "Birkin" looks positively diseased....
  5. Thanks for bringing this up as I like to train my eye. The fakes are still pretty easily identifiable as such though (fortunately!).
  6. It's sick all right! I met a woman yesterday and we got to talking (2 birkins will do that) and she said she saw a super fake in Turkey. Said she couldn't tell the difference. I don't know her level of expertise, but she mentioned a Braise Croc SO at one point, so I think she's been around.
  7. O;sazxc;jlkva;lw4j0p9c/z,mse;alkjeef;lkjalkdn/lakmnvzzz

    That's all I have to say! Thanks!
  8. :yucky::sos::sick::smash: what can you say? They just keep getting better. Fake H wallets have been around for eons and looked fake, but this latest batch...
  9. Ditto!
  10. You know passing by I would think the bearn in togo looks okay. Upon closer inspection yeah it looks fake. But I've seen the Bebop in person and it looks pretty good. I'm sad it doesn't come with authenticity cards...I was really hoping for one of those!
  11. thanks pcg this shows one is never too safe when looking for something on eBay or other places that aren't the H boutique.
    Thank god we have the "authenticate" this threads where lots of experts generously help anybody needing it.
  12. don't forget this!

  14. Okay, something is wrong with me - or my computer - I don't see a link or photo or anything in your original post...guess I am saving myself some pretty scary sights, though. I do like to look at the fraudster sites (with my sunglasses on) only to see what misadventure is the latest. There are a number of scarves I won't buy online because they have been faked so much...pretty sad as several are no longer available in the boutiques...argh...
  15. ^the link was removed by the mods as they do not wish to link to fake sites.
    You didn't miss anything.