"Ewwww Chinese food tastes like crap........it makes me want to vomit!! Disgusting!!"

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  1. #1 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    My friend is so rude when it comes to trying new foods. I remember once when we went our arabic friend's house for a party and she was serving middle-eastern food. My friend looked at the food like it had 4 eyes, sniffed everything, took a TINY NIBBLE on the food, made a really rude face, and then played around with it on her plate.

    I've always learned to respect other cultures and foods. I never take actually take a big sniff of it before I eat it and I always finish whatever is on my plate... Even if it isn't good and the cooker isn't such a good cook, I always say, "Wow this is pretty good. Thanks for taking the time to cook for me...I really appreciate it!" I'm just shocked out how rude some people can be. Read the conversation below and see for yourself!

    I just had a conversation with my friend and this is how it went:

    Me: So I ordered take-out American-Chinese food last night....I haven't eaten it in a long time. I kind of felt sick after eating it because everything was oily and greasy. I need to stop ordering food and start cooking at home instead...
    Friend: Haha...thats funny because I can only eat American-Chinese food, but I can't eat real Chinese food in China Town. That stuff taste like crap...I felt so sick after eating that dim sum sh*t!! How do you eat that every single day?? UGHHHhhh!!
    Me: :confused1: Ummm, I don't eat dim sum every single day. And the places that you've been to in China Town aren't real Chinese food.
    Friend: But how is it not real? Its in China Town... its usually just rice, sweet & sour chicken and some vegetables. But after too much of it, it makes me really really sick!!
    Me: Well they do put in a lot of msg, salt, and oil in those things. Yea...I don't eat that every day. My parents don't cook stir-fried vegetables...the way they make it at restaurants is very unhealthy. We usually steam our veggies or just have it in soup.
    Friend: Oh yea that soup that your mom makes smells like sh*t! Makes me want to vomit!! Its disgusting!!!!
    Me: Uhhh.....okay. Thats nice... well you don't have to like every single food there is. Everyone has different tastes... *change of topic* You know what kind of food I love? Greek food!!
    Friend: Ehh I don't really care much for Greek food. I'm still sick thinking about your Chinese food!
    Me: Umm okay, well I g2g now. I have a lot to do. Bye.......:shrugs:
    Friend: Okayy talk to ya later!

    PS: The funny thing is that my parents don't even cook "Chinese" food at home. Its usually a mix of south-eastern Asian food.
  2. You must be the sweetest person in the world because I couldn't be friends with someone so outwardly immature and disrespectful of a "friend's" parents and culture. I am Chinese also, and there are tactful ways to handle these situations.
  3. Wow:wtf:

    I'm appalled with the lack of manners and respect your "friend" has. I bet this is someone that would go to a foreign country, and look for the nearest Western Fast food joint.
  4. Wow, some "friend"! That was incredibly rude and disrespectful. I don't know that I could have been as nice had I been in your shoes. And I think your friend is really limiting her experiences, which is pretty sad. I love trying new foods and things I've never encountered before, and it really broadens a person's horizons (at least in the culinary sense).
  5. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people can be. It's unfortunate because sometimes it is due to how they grew up and how their parents approached new foods.
    I've had many friends who wouldn't taste sushi or try something with different foods mixed together (very common in Asian dishes). These friends are still stuck in the little towns I grew up in. Now that I am in NYC, I encounter fewer people like this.
  6. Your friend is ignorant and rude.
  7. Actually I have a friend like this - except she wouldn't express herself so rudely, disrepectfully and obnoxiously. She just won't try different foods period no matter what. Just last year, she finally tried shrimp in pasta and kind of enjoyed it. She just sticks to her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost everyday (ever since she was a child). Which I think they're kind of disgusting.

    Some people do have a hang up about trying doing cultural foods - it's beyond their comfort zone. So with those kinds of people, I just don't pressure them into anything beyond their staple diet.
  8. So rude and immature! I wouldnt be able to tolerate someone being rude like that especially about my culture or family
  9. I was taught never to pick at food. It definitely is very rude to do that!

    I honestly would not want to be friends with someone like that.
  10. i totally agree

    [by the way i am chinese too.]
  11. WOW! I probably would've punched her in the face and ask her how that tasted!
  12. OMG! your friend is so disrespectful and ignorant and rude! You are really a very patient person, she obviously has not been taught manners!! I dont know her background or the extent of your friendship with her but I don't think I can hang around someone like that.

    btw, Chinese food in Chinatown does not equate authentic Chinese food - but explaining to people like that is just a waste of time! I'm sorry you have to deal with her, if it were my 'friend' talking to me like that, I will definitely refrain from hanging out with her! yeah, I'm Chinese too LOL

    good luck!
  13. I'm half chinese. thought i would add that. I'm also half korean, in case anyone is wondering about the other side! lol

    I honestly don't understand why people think Chinatown=authentic chinese food. Some of it might be..but not all of it is. Sweet and sour chicken isn't what all chinese people eat. Please!

    i agree that you're really patient and you must be the nicest person in the world because I would NEVER waste my time one someone who this rude. she's lucky to be friends with you.
  14. I'm the same way as your friend, but probably more picky. I try my best not to insult people, but I do not try foods that I think I won't like. You are absolutely right about the comfort zone, and I love that you don't pressure people to try things. That's really considerate of you!
    OP you seem to have handled the situation pretty well. I think the comments your friend made were inappropriate and immature. However, I don't know her age... There are a ton of people who are young, don't know any better and make faces and rude comments regarding foods they don't like.
    It's up to you if you want to stay friends with her or not, though a lot of these comments sound pretty harsh to me as I'm a picky eater myself and I know I would be seriously offended if someone didn't want to be my friend anymore just because I didn't want to eat a food I don't like, granted your friend took it a bit farther than I would have...
    But anyway, just wanted to provide a different perspective. Good luck
  15. ^^It's not about the fact that she's picky, it's about her rude and ignorant comments. I might be disappointed if a friend of mine didn't like something I liked, but I certainly would not be offended. OP's friend's comments, however, are unbelievably rude! I don't care if she's 5 years old, everyone should know not to say what she did. A simple "I don't really like Chinese food" would have sufficed. There is no excuse for calling any food "sh*t."