Ewww. I saw an icky fake today...

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  1. In line while at Fresh Choice, a lady with her icky Signature Stripe Tote WITH a monogram. The monogram was soooo wrong and was CLG...seriously. Hi, my name is "Coach Leather Goods." :roflmfao:
  2. i actually hate fakes with a vengence - it almost makes me sad when someone comes in asking if something is real or not when it obviously isn't...

    it's bad to carry a fake but i can feel somewhat sorry for them if they thought it was authentic.
  3. ha ha... CLG That is too funny. I bet she didn't even know what CLG stands for.

  4. That's HILARIOUS... and sad.
    Fakes = yuck.
  5. it's one thing to carry a fake...but a BAD fake, at that? just sad...

    i wonder if she got it on ioffer as a remember seeing some "pre-monogrammed" ones on there. :roflmfao:
  6. Eww.
  7. Double post
  8. :yucky: I hope she didn't think it was real.
  9. I don't know what's worse: someone thinking it was real and getting ripped off, or someone knowing it's NOT real and toting it around proudly anyway.

    There is a kiosk in the mall that has "Coach" bags in a glass case. They are fakes, placed right next to the LV monogram fakes. If they have a Coach hangtag, are they illegal? Please say yes, because I so want to report them. I'll start by calling the mall office and telling them, but I'm not sure where to go from there.
  10. ^^ the hangtags actually have the Coach name? if yes, I think YES, illegal!
  11. I saw a nasty fake this morning while getting breakfast...just horrible instead of Cs it was the Gs..you know Goach! LOL I smiled & wore my real one proudly.
  12. ACK! I was at Ulta the other day and this lady walks in, nose in the air, acting all hot-to-trot, and she's sporting a large "Goach" bucket hat. ICK!
  13. ugh. saw a girl today while waiting for class that had an atrocious scribble something...some weird hybrid of a tote and backpack...
    but, man, she turned her nose up at me like she was better than me. all i could do was smile and laugh.

    oh, and i SWEAR i saw the worst patchwork bag EVER today. as in, those really awful ones on ioffer that you think NO idiot would get...oh yes, i saw one.
    and thought i wanted to poke my eyes out.
  14. Recently the SF Shopping Center reopened with a huge new addition adjacent -- a new Bloomingdale's etc -- and about a week after they opened, the mall FINALLY kicked out the "inspired bags" kiosk that had been sitting at the lower level entrance for ages. I guess they finally realized that MAYBE customers being greeted by the tackiest things on earth when they walk in the door wasn't really the best way to launch a high end shopping center.